Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miss Beckett's Nursery

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This was such a fun room to decorate! I enjoyed each and every project, from the clipboards and "art", to the iron-on animals, to working with Maggie and Viv on the curtains, pillow, pouf and change pad cover, to picking out her furniture - you name it! I also love seeing so many of our friends and families' sweet gifts to Beckett - the books, toys, etc. - all around her room. And I'm SO grateful to Austin for the amazing paint job he did on her room (and doors!), and for letting us go through with so many home improvement projects that I think made her space even more perfect! (loving the gray patterned carpet & new crown in her room!) I'm also so appreciative of the photos Zach took that, to me, help make her room special! Looking back at her initial inspiration board, it's even better than I had imagined!!

Q: What's your favorite room to decorate? I'm a huge fan of decorating of all kind, but this by far was the best room to do - so many fun ideas you can do in kid spaces. No, I couldn't put ALL of my ideas into her room, but maybe in her play room one day... or in her siblings room.... eee - happy just thinking about it! I hope she loves it as much as we do and I hope it's as functional as it is fun - i'm sure things may move around as we live in the space in LESS THAN A MONTH!!

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