Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Highlights - The Countdown Continues!

What a week! As this pregnancy quickly winds down I'm finding that I want to do more and am super motivated, but that i'm not able to do much. It's so frustrating! Here's the highlights of this week:
The only highlights I happened to snap pictures of: Sun finally came out - time to wear t he new sunglasses; Lots of paint and home updating - LOTS; New TV  Purchase; Lots of baby gifts - sweet gifts coming in from friends via mail, and gifts going out for all of Beckett's new friends who are also arriving in February
  • Monday: Buying baby gifts. SO many friends and co-workers have babies due within days (some on the same day!) as Beckett. It's been fun to buy for Beckett and her new friends! And I've loved checking the mail lately - sweet, adorable gifts from out-of-town friends - Beckett is so lucky!
  • Tuesday - Thursday: Paint Prep & Painting. Austin had to do most of this, but I helped where I could! Basically, we were having the following rooms painted on Thursday: The kitchen/dining/living room; the entryway/up stairwell/2nd floor hallway; the new study; and two guest rooms. So... practically the whole house. And we had to take everything off the walls of course, move a good bit of furniture, and get all of the paint ready for the painters - eee! Pictures are coming soon but we just LOVE the paint. So happy with the 3 colors we picked and how it all turned out. Can't wait to get the house back together and for the smell to go away!
  • Wednesday: Doctor Appt. All was good! Her measurements, heartbeat and all were great, and my blood pressure was all good. I was comforted that all of the discomforts I've been feeling (which came out of no where: started with ankle/foot swelling, then back pain, groin pain and headaches) are normal.... not entirely comforting!
  • Wednesday: Pre-Natal Massage. These are the best things I've given myself. Seriously! I go every 3 weeks and feel good for at least a week after. She worked out the back pain in minutes! And I love how much Beckett moves during massage. Maybe the blood flow? I don't know but she's a bouncy baby during them.
  • Thursday: Micki's Baby Shower. Two of my co-workers in my department, Micki and Lauren, are due within days of me; Lauren on 2/6 with a girl; Micki on 2/9 with a boy; then me on 2/10 with a girl! I've enjoyed navigating pregnancy with them, asking each other the 'HR/company'questions to make sure we're all on track, and we got foot massages together! Micki's work shower was a super cute lunch at Bistro B on Thursday - so happy for her!
  • Thursday & Friday: Time with my MIL. Austin's mom came in town on Thursday and we got to visit with her so much! Thursday, Austin and her went for lunch at Joey D's, and Thursday night, the 3 of us went for Mexican! Friday, I met her for lunch at Nordstrom Cafe, then my company closed early for MLK so I called her we made it to a movie - Parental Guidance. It was super cute. Then we stopped by Buy Buy Baby before she headed up to Athens for the weekend! So glad she got to come visit, and am glad she got to see the paint and help us talk through where to put things (we're rearranging almost the whole house!). 
  • Thursday & Friday: Pupper Love. The puppers spent Thursday during the painting at daycare! They love it there and, as always, came home exhausted from a day of play. Friday, they got groomed - baths, nails and haircuts - they come back so bouncy and happy just like me from a  haircut! They look (and smell!) so good - glad they got attention despite the busy week!
  • Saturday: Chiropractor, TV & House Focus. Saturday we woke up early and began slowly putting things back where they were, and choosing new spots for other things! Before I knew it, it was 11, time to go to the chiropractor and for Austin go get his haircut! We met at Best Buy to buy a new TV for a new room - with the pool table on it's way out and a big living space being added, it was time for a big TV you can see from the kitchen, too! We had a great salesperson and quickly decided on the LG 60" Smart TV - so glad it will have apps and we can avoid buying yet another xBox! The remainder of the day was on and off house focus - it's coming together!
So.... busy week, but am so glad to see progress on our January goals - hoping to get so much done before Beckett! The countdown continues.... can't believe i'm going to be a mom in DAYS, no longer MONTHS!

Q: What were the highlights of your week?!

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