Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paint Update: Austin's Master Swatch & The Final Four!

K - we've changed direction a bit thanks to Sharon! As you know, we trying to get our house to 4 colors TOTAL... Austin experimented today with some of our favorites:

(From Left to Right): Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray, Benjamin Moore's Whale Gray; Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter new option!; Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray
I'm VERY proud of this guy for helping us make our decision! :)
Our official decision will leave us with FIVE colors total:
Color #1:  Neutral Beige - we're leaving it in the dining room, half bath and hall closet. Mix is TBD (must dig in garage!) 
Color #2: Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers (already in Beckett's Room & the upstairs guest bathroom ; will be used in one of the guest rooms, too! 
Color #3: Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray - we have decided to  use this color in our other guest room; we are also considering, down the road, to use this in the bonus room (we're not having it painted right now!). 
Color #4: Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray - we have decided to use this beautiful, dark color in our new office/library downstairs! Down the road, we'll likely use this in our master bedroom, too!
Color #5: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter 
This is a NEW swatch! Last night we visited Sharon and just LOVED the colors her and Jamie chose for their entryway, hallway, and for the big kitchen/dining/living room area. Instead of going dark like we had intended, we loved how light and open and airy their home felt, and she promised it wouldn't weird her out if we used the same color so... we're doing it! Thanks to Sharon, we're using Color #5: Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter!
We have decided NOT to use Benjamin Moore Whale Gray - it's the darkest and while we think it's pretty, both my sis and Sharon have expressed concern it my present blue. In our test, it was the bluest, but not as pretty as Chelsea Gray!

So, if you look back at the sample, and another silly picture of Austin (hehe!), you'll see that 3 colors won!
Picture all 3 without the one directly behind him as Whale Gray is out!
Here is a final swatch of the new 4! (top left: Amazing Gray; top right: Revere Pewter; bottom left: Chelsea Gray; bottom right: Smoke Embers)
All of this being said, we think we're ready now! We're calling our favorite of the 3 painters tomorrow and hope to schedule ASAP!

Q: What is the last thing you worked on that you thought would be easy that ended up being hard? I mean really - this took me far longer than I thought it would!! So glad to have it done. Now, we will only need to have 3 rooms painted down the road (the bonus room; our bedroom & the master bathroom) - we hope to use these colors, and figure we'll see how this turns out and go from there for Round 2! 

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