Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shades of Gray.... Paint That Is

Nope.... not the book (although I did read the first one, and own the other two but haven't picked them up - eek!). We're painting the house! (interior!) We're moving from ALL brown to a combination of a neutral beige and shades of gray (probably 3 to be exact, 4 colors total).

Why? Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that we've been LOVING gray for a while. AND, we just had the stairs and entire upstairs' carpet redone in a gray shade!
New Carpet: Martha Stewart Living Chester Isle in Flagstone; pics coming soon!
Color #1: This is the neutral beige - we're leaving it in the dining room, half bath and closet. It's a Sherwin Williams custom mix from previous owner - need to look it up! For now i'll call it Beige!
Color #2: This is the gray in Beckett's Room and the upstairs guest bathroom - it's Benjamin Moore  Smoke Embers. Not the best pic, but ya get the idea (I'm about 29 weeks here!). We also plan to use this color in one of the guest rooms and maybe our bathroom.
Now we're looking for:

  • Color #3: One Color for a guest room and the new office/library downstairs! (will keep ceilings white)
  • Color #4: One Color for the entryway, hallway, and kitchen/living area! (want to paint ceilings in entryway/hallway a color - maybe Amazing Gray below!)
Here's what we're looking at:
Already Using: Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers (above in Beckett's Room)
Potential Color #3: Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray - considering for guest room and new office/library downstairs! We're 99% certain we're moving forward with this without a sample - we just love it! And it came by way of my sis's Mother-in-Law Vivian who I trust!
Potential Color #4 Option 1: Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray - considering for entryway/hallway, etc.
Potential Color #4 Option 2: Benjamin Moore Whale Gray - considering for entryway/hallway, etc.
Austin is getting samples of Chelsea Gray & Whale Gray today! Hopefully we'll like one of them and get the areas painted as early as next week - eeee! THEN, once everything is painted, we'll need to decide which of these 4 colors go best in the remaining rooms we're not painting (out master bedroom, our bathroom & the upstairs den/xBox room). Also, we're trying to decide if we want to leave the doors white - we painted the doors in the interior of Beckett's room gray and just LOVE them!

Q: Have a favorite paint color or brand? We love Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams! I've never had a favorite paint color, but after this exercise I feel like I'll have a few favorites! I initially went to Benjamin Moore because I kept seeing home decor pictures of Gray Horse and just LOVED it. Pottery Barn uses Benjamin Moore colors so it's fun to see what they paint with.

Q: How many paint colors are in your house? Right now we have too many shades of tan/brown and can't keep them straight. We had crown added to a few rooms a couple of months ago and we gave them the wrong touch up paint, so you can see all the touch up. Sigh! Yes ANOTHER reason I can't WAIT to paint!

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