Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Girl Beckett

As you can imagine, we've just been in a super special, dreamy, surreal, amazing, crazy place ever since Miss Beckett arrived! The days are running together, in a good way, and we're just loving being parents our perfect little girl. Here are a few pictures from our first week of parenthood.
Day 1: Beckett Meets her Family- Mimi, Papa, Uncle E, Gigi, Aunt Devie, Uncle Z
Day 2: Beckett Goes Home to Her New Life and meets her fur siblings
Day 3: Beckett Loves an Early Hands Free Swaddle
Day 4: Beckett tests out her activity mat 

Day 5: Beckett gets her first sponge bath
Day 6: Beckett celebrates Valentine's Day in the cutest outfit thanks to Aunt Devie and Uncle Z
Day 7: Gigi visits and gives Beckett bottled mom milk - she loves it!

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