Monday, February 25, 2013

Weird Pregnancy Weight: 36 Pounds in Two Weeks

Hi. I'm writing to you from my new life as a shut-in. While I LOVED being "really pregnant aka huge" in cold weather, it's biting my ass now as it's been ugly, rainy, cold and kinda miserable since Beckett made her arrival. Can't post without a pic... here's one!
Silly face! This adorable bean is of course worth any kind of weight gain!
With the exception of errands (where she stays in the car with me or Austin) and two pediatrician appointments, Beckett has continued living a life on the inside, albeit a roomier space than her previous digs. All of that being said, I was kind of sad. I had envisioned us strolling around the neighborhood, me getting walks and fresh air, her getting a new environment and accustomed to her stroller. But i'm now leading a completely sedentary life (with the exception of around-the-house stuff and pumping milk - more on that later!).

So, weight... here is a run-down of how this all worked out. Long story short, as of this morning, I've lost 36 pounds since the day I manned up and got on the scale, Monday, February 11, two weeks ago. Here goes a weird story:

  • In May, I was weighing around 120 - 123. Not quite at happy weight (115), but not to freak-out-and-do-something-about-it-weight, 125. We went to a week-long Mexico all-inclusive trip. I got home weighing 128. I also arrived back in the States pregnant.
  • Throughout my pregnancy, I managed to go from 128 to 169. I weighed 169 the day I went in to the hospital, so a weight gain of 41 pounds. Not the "30 - 35" I had in mind, but whatever! I deserved every pound - lots of extra sweets and dinners out, and doing anything comfort-wise to make myself feel better (mac & cheese every day, anyone?)
  • So, on Friday, February 8, I weighed 169. I ended up having an epidural in for 10 hours longer than expected. Yes, 10. Body wouldn't dilate, Beckett wouldn't cooperate, I got a fever, her heart rate went up - at the end of the day I was on an epidural for 15 hours. They said there would be swelling and I may leave the hospital weighing more than when I'd arrived. What?!
  • The next day I didn't recognize myself. I was incredibly swollen! Like could barely walk on my feet as they were huge, Shrek-like and my ankles were as wide as my thighs. I still don't know how my brother-in-law was able to get photos that I love and work around the fact that I was kinda freaked out by the size of my body!
  • When I got home, on Monday, February 11, I found that I weighed 185. Even though i'd had a baby, delivered after birth, etc., I GAINED 16 pounds. No need to freak out... they said the swelling would go down in 2 weeks.
  • The first week nothing happened. I stayed around 185 and started to think something was wrong. Then,  I had 'Elevation Day' on Monday, February 18, where I essentially stayed in bed all day with my feet up. I lost like 7 pounds. The rest of the week, until today, I lost about 5 pounds a day, shrinking right before me and Austin's eyes!
  • Today, I weighed in at 149. 36 Pounds less than the day I left the hospital, 20 pounds less then the day I arrived at the hospital. All in all, this is a normal post-partum weight loss! With the exception of gaining 30+ pounds of water weight.
So as of today, to get back to 125, I've got 24 pounds to lose. To get to 120 (goal weight) I have 29 pounds to lose.  Hopefully I can start walking soon, and on March 18, I'll have my post-partum six-week check-in and will find out if I can start lifting, running, etc. In the meantime, I've got a few more weeks of not worrying about this body and just worrying about little Beckett!! No, I don't really have pictures because it was kind of scary, invisible friends! I DO have some ankle pictures as I would text my mom progress (she was really freaked out for me!).
They're still a little swollen, especially at the ankle, but I can get back in to several of my boots which is good per the aforementioned cold weather.

So that's that - 36 pounds in two weeks. Here's hoping I continue on a weight loss trajectory, albeit a normal one that keeps my calories up so I can make plenty of milk for little Beckett!!

Q: Have you ever seen swelling like this? I mean really - I've shown lots of peeps and they seem so fascinated + disturbed that it has to be their first time seeing this business.

Q: Have a post-partum weight story? I'd say weight loss... but mine is a Weight Gain + Loss story. haha

In other news, all is going wonderful with Miss Beckett. I love her. I love being a mom. I love spending time with her while attempting each day to figure this thing out. It's better than I thought it would be, less scary, more fun, very emotional but worth it. More later - hope you're all having happy Mondays!! :)

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