Monday, March 4, 2013

February 2013 Goal Assessment; March Goals!

Happy Monday! I hope you're all having great days! I'm here at home with the family, just starting week 4 of my 12-week maternity leave. Beckett is sleeping so it's like laundry/dishes/pumping/blogging/chilling with pups time - gotta squeeze a lot in during her naps! LOL Speaking of, here is a look at what we set out to do in February, and what we accomplished!

1. Make 2 new recipes. did NOT do this - Beckett came on the 8th and I haven't cooked very much as we've had so many wonderful family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors giving us food! I will def do this in March though as I have the recipes ready to go!
2. Monitor Craigslist items; store or donate if they don't sell. We did GREAT getting rid of stuff - i'm marking this as done!
3. Read 2 books (Beckett-related: Happiest Baby on the Block & Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child) I read 2 books, but not these! I read the Happiest Baby on the  Block but didn't finish sleep habits. Instead, I read Rachel Schurig's Three Girls and  a Baby - super cute - i'll do a book review soon! 
4. Shoot video of Beckett! Begin taking much more video and of course Beckett photos. I have taken NO video of our baby yet. Eek! I HAVE done a photo shoot each day with Beckett - so fun! I hope to keep it up!
5. Make 2010 Photo Book NOT done; will attempt in March.
6. Finalize household budget. NOT done; will attempt in March.
7. Create Study! Buy bookcases, desks, etc. - hang items, decorate, finish it! NOT done; will do in March.
8. Create Guest Room! Once Austin is in office, move furniture in, decorate, finish it! DONE; although I do want to tweak things a little, need a few decorative items, etc.
9. Upgrade all door knobs - only about 5 left! NOT done; will finish up in March.
10. Hang art up stairwell; find bench for Remy; update Master Bedroom; find mirror for entryway DONE; got the art hung; little steps for Remy that she loves; changed up the master bedroom and got a mirror for the entry - little things that made a big difference!

All in all, good February! Definitely changed focus a good bit when Beckett arrived, but I knew it would! And of course, other things got done that were not in the list... things like:
  • Creating and mailing birth announcements
  • Writing and mailing thank you cards
  • Hosting wonderful friends and family who came to visit Beckett
  • Redoing this dresser and chair with new fabric (more on this later!)
  • Ordering a new iPod-enabled clock for Beckett; getting tons of Baby Einstein music; loading it on to my old iPhone3 and giving her her own music!
  • Creating a Beckett-focused blog for long-distance family!
  • Having a 30" x 40" canvas made for our master; hanging it and other art (changed out lots of pictures at home so little Beckett can be everywhere!)
  • Lots of other Beckett stuff of course (finishing her medicine kit, sponge baths, pediatrician appointments, adding her to our insurance, creating a bottling area upstairs, pumping 8 times a day, making multiple trips to Babies R Us for extra items, making our Amazon subscriptions, etc.)
  • A much-needed visit to the chiropractor and a one-hour massage!
So what are the plans for March? Honestly - not too much! It's been such a busy year already and I really want to make March even more all about Beckett since it's my first full month with baby girl! But of course, I do have some free time, so I'll be looking to tackle this while Miss Beckett sleeps!

1. Make a photo book (wedding book!).
2. Finalize household budget.
3. Create study! Buy bookcases, desks, lamps, etc.
4. Upgrade all door knobs - last 5!
5. Read 3 books.
6. Make 3 new recipes.
7. Have bedroom, bonus room, and two bathrooms painted.
8. Find other house items: navy throws/accents for master; night stand, lamp & art for guest room

That's it for March! I'm looking forward to a lighter month and can't wait to cook more - very excited about the new dishes, especially a new slowcooker one!

Q: What's on your agenda for March?!

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