Sunday, March 10, 2013

Three Book Reviews

Hi! I've mostly been spending time with this little bug. She is already a month old and we're just loving her to pieces!! I have been doing a bit of reading though, so here are a few reviews!
Harvey Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block was a great read! We have been very much using the practices he preaches, which are pretty much the 5 S's: Swaddling, Side/stomach, Shhhhhing, Swinging and Sucking - in that order - to get and keep your baby calm. Beckett LOVES the 5 S's, and the book had lots of tips on how to get the most out of the swing, how to use motion to calm your baby and the top 10 ways you can imitate your uterus (as that's really what it's all about - making them feel like they're still in the womb so it's not so shocking to be out this quiet, still world - it's not what they're used to. Anyway, great book! I'd say 4 out of 5. I only didn't give it a 5 because, for me, all of the historical look backs and views into other cultures was kind of lost on me - I didn't need to be 'sold' on the 5 S's, I just needed to know what they were and how to best implement them!

Rachel Schurig's Three Girls and a Baby was a free Amazon prime book on my kindle. I figured why not? I wanted something to read in the dark during my middle of the night pump sessions! This book was about Ginny and her two roommates. Ginny found out she was unexpectedly pregnant. It was a cute book in terms of the girls' friendship, the look back between the present and how her and her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy broke up/why/etc., and I flew right through it. I liked how the chapters were set up and began with little blurbs from a pregnancy book - it helped move the story along and set up each chapter. All in all, cute chick lit and i'd recommend it as a great, easy beach read! 4/5!

Rachel Schurgi's Three Girls and a Wedding is the second book (of 3) in this installment. I didn't know there were 3, but it was another free Amazon prime book (they did the full set for free!) so I got it and quickly got to reading it being that I was already so familiar with the characters. I liked it because I got to see how things turned out with Ginny from the previous book, but this book focused on Jenn, one of her roommates, and her job, how she found her boyfriend, etc. It was super cute, too, and had a little surprise story to it as well. Another great chick lit book - 4/5 again!

I'm now reading, wait for it and be surprised, Rachel Schurig's Three Girls and a Leading Man, the third book of 3 which focuses on the third roommate, Annie, and again, you get to see how things turned out with Jenn and Ginny - which is fun!

I'm feeling guilty because I have SO many printed books in my house that I've yet to read, but i'm finding the Kindle SUPER handy to read with, especially since my hands are a bit more full lately. Anyway, not sure what i'm going to read next - definitely open to Kindle recos though (especially the free ones!).

Hope you're all having Happy Sundays and enjoying springing forward!!

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