Monday, February 4, 2013

How Kate Spade Squeezed Into My Life

Now I've never had anything against Kate, I had just never purchased any of her items. If I was going to get a bag I would tend to go Coach or Michael Kors (such good sales!), and I honestly didn't know she made anything else besides bags! Then, earlier in my pregnancy, I heard she had cute diaper bags. It was true! I found this one at the outlets over the summer and LOVED it, my first Kate Spade purchase: Beckett's Diaper Bag. 

Then, about 3 weeks ago, I realized my ray-bans were gone. Gone, gone, gone. Have no idea where they are, but am still holding out hope that they'll show up! (fun side bar, when looking up the ones I lost I realized their name was Ray Ban 'Big Glamour' - Billy, my co-worker, pointed out that BG is Big Glamour and has since called my soon-to-be daughter Big Glamour LOL).

In the meantime, I needed some shades so I went to Nordstrom. I'm a polarized sunglasses kind of person and apparently this limits you very much. My choices were essentially Ray-Ban (no! what if the others turned up and then I had two pair?), Maui Jim (no! This is Austin's brand, masculine to me and they almost all have nose pieces which get stuck in my hair when they're on my head) and Kate Spade. Hmmm, we meet again! I tried on several of her pair and LOVED these, my second Kate spade Purchase:  her Lulu Polarized Glasses to replace my Big Glamour Ray-Bans.
So far they have been great! Love the shape, they fit well on my smallish face and they stay up good in my hair (I know you're not supposed to do that but it's a necessity for me!). 

So that was it - 2 Kate Spade purchases. Well... somehow Kate got my email. This morning she sent me an email about a 75% off "secret sale" with an extra 25% AND free shipping. Kate knows how to get me to open an email. Now, I told myself, I will ONLY consider a purchase if it's one of the two things I've had my eye on: a black wallet with silver (not gold!) accents OR a blue bag (came CLOSE to buying a blue Coach over the holidays but just didn't love it). Well... low and behold this blue bag was on the site! Originally $428 (never have I ever!), for $169 + 20% off (so $136) + free shipping! (at this rate - sure to arrive before Beckett, or BG, or Big Glamour). There you have it, my third Kate Spade Purchase: The Grant Park Shelby Bag in Dark Lapis.
love the color and classic leather
heart it's surprising square shape - different than what I have!
A little nervous about the light interior - i'll just have to be careful to not get it dirty on Day #1
For scale only not color! This pic surprised me though - happy to see she is a good size !
There you have it. Never knew I was such a fan but as I looked around I REALLY like her stuff and she makes super cute clothes and shoes (now that my swollen body is looking into any of that right now but still, good to know for future reference!). :)

Q: Any brands sneak up on you lately? Kate definitely came out of left field, and I feel like World Market may be coming in for the kill - more on that later!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had great weekends! I'm 6 days out from my due date so, as you can imagine, this weekend was a whole lotta discomfort, sleep, water and TV - any day now!!

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