Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 2013 Goal Assessment; February Goals!

Happy Saturday! I hope you're all having great weekends. I'm definitely relaxing - laid up in the bed watching Project Runway and reading your blogs. :) I'm also looking at our goals - can't BELIEVE January is over and i'm officially in the month that Beckett is due - eek! K - focusing - Here is what we set out to accomplish in January 2013, and how we did! 
  1. Make 2 new recipes. DONE - I posted the Pork Fried Rice and I need to post the Spaghetti Pie!
  2. Purge unwanted/unused items and donate or Craiglist them. DONE; I purged SO much stuff, and I have 8 items listed on Craigslist now - if they don't sell soon I'll store them or donate them (it's mostly art!)
  3. Read 2 books. (Beckett-related: New Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding and On Becoming Baby Wise) DONE - read both books, and am almost done with Happiest Baby on the Block
  4. Carry my video camera around – shoot video!  not done - thinking i'll start filming when Beckett gets here!
  5. Make 2010 Photo Book not done - thinking i'll move to February!
  6. Finalize household budget not done  -moving to February!
  7. Have entryway and hallway painted  DONE - very happy with how it turned out - pics coming once we get the art back up!
  8. Paint Living room and guest room DONE - we also painted a second guest room and the study downstairs!
  9. Have pool table shipped to Birmingham & Austin moved to office; rearrange house accordingly! Almost done - we didn't get Austin moved into an office but we DID get the pool table out and were able to rearrange a good bit. Still have more to do though with the room Austin is working out of, and getting the study set up!
  10. Buy bookcases, desks, dining chairs, etc. We bought the dining chairs, but haven't done the bookcases and desks - moving to February!
  11. Upgrade all door knobs These are on the list for this weekend -so February it is!
All in all, i'm super happy with what all we did this month! Having the whole house painted definitely created a lot of To-Dos that I didn't entirely anticipate, but we're so happy with the new colors and really appreciate Sharon's help with the colors, and my mom and sis's help getting the ho use back in order!

So what are we going to take on in February? Well, being that Beckett is due in 8 days, not much! BUT, if we have free time (which i'm sure we will - I hear caring for a newborn is super easy LOL), we'll tackle the below:

1. Make 2 new recipes.
2. Monitor Craigslist items; store or donate if they don't sell.
3. Read 2 books (Beckett-related: Happiest Baby on the Block & Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
4. Shoot video of Beckett! Begin taking much more video and of course Beckett photos.
5. Make 2010 Photo Book
6. Finalize household budget.
7. Create Study! Buy bookcases, desks, etc. - hang items, decorate, finish it!
8. Create Guest Room! Once Austin is in office, move furniture in, decorate, finish it!
9. Upgrade all door knobs - only about 5 left!
10.  Hang art up stairwell; find bench for Remy; update Master Bedroom; find mirror for entryway

Q: What is one thing you accomplished in January that you're most proud of, and what's one thing you hope to accomplish this month? I'm most proud of all of the work we did at the house - between the new carpet, paint, tile and more it's really coming together and i'm super excited! February will be all about Beckett, starting with my goal if a safe delivery to a happy little girl!

For more on goals, past goals, past assessments, how I set goals, etc., visit here!

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