Monday, April 8, 2013

Amazing April So Far!

I feel like I’m coming out of a fog, in a good way! By ‘a fog’ I mean grossy, nasty, sunless weather that makes me feel lazy, as well as super sleepless days where I kind of feel like a zombie. Beckett began sleeping 8+ hour stretches through the night with the arrival of spring – Ahhhhh! 

Picture clouds parting, angels singing, that is how we feel over here at the Martin household. Don’t get me wrong, the months leading up to now have been amazing in their own right, but to have a shift in sleep cycles and weather patterns is definitely giving us extra skips in our steps! I had a great productive week with lots of To-Dos crossed off and walks taken, and a great weekend!

Friday Monica came over around 9:30 a.m. and we had a day of fun! We fed and hung out with Becks, went for a 2-mile stroller walk, got pedicures and just hung out and watched TV and talked – such a fun day! That night me and Austin just relaxed and cleaned up the house a bit in preparation for the next day’s company!

Saturday Austin mowed the lawn, cleaned up his office and went to Total Wine and More, one of his favorite places on earth, and I took care of Miss Becks and went to the gym for a 2-mile walk before stopping by the grocery store.  Before we knew it, it was 2 p.m. and time to get Becks up to meet Mary & Scott! Had so much fun catching up with them,  and they brought little Becks the sweetest little birthstone earrings – adorable! About an hour later, Teresa and Forrest got in from Alabama – so good to see them!! They brought Miss Becks the sweetest little outfit – can’t wait to see her in it this summer – such a lucky lady.
Becks & T
The Lengels with Daisy & Remy
Becks & Mar
Becks & Forrest
The Girls
Beckett got to meet so many of our besties! We spent the day outside enjoying the sun, a cold cut tray, and a few adult beverages – such a beautiful day! Beckett did so good with her bottles and was very sweet with new peeps and new puppers – Daisy and Cassie were in tow! It started to get late so Mary and Scot headed out, we ordered a dinnertime pizza, and then we did bath and bedtime with Becks before putting her down at 8:30. Then we just visited with Teresa  and Forrest – so good to see them!

Yesterday Austin got up early and made us all breakfast, then we spent the morning with Becks and the pups and watching a church service online. Teresa and Forrest left around lunchtime, and we put Becks down and I headed out for a walk with Sharon on the greenway! We used the Nike Running app which told us we walked 4.67 miles – woo! We walked 15-minute miles – such a great walk and talk!

Today Beckett is two months old – WHAT?! We have her 2-month pediatrician appointment this afternoon – can’t wait to see how much our nugget  has grown!

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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Erica said...

Sooo exciting! The sleep pattern changes can be crazy! Sometimes awesome sometimes tough!! I always remind myself to enjoy the good nights! What a fantastic weekend. Good friend time cant be beat