Thursday, April 11, 2013

28 Miles, First Shots, A Visit Out

We're continuing to have such a great month! Tracking isn't so bad and not much work at all since all of my information is already in SparkPeople, and we've walked 28 miles as of yesterday! Most of miles are done with my awesome neighbor friend Sharon! We've walked together several times this month. And I walk with Miss Becks of course in the daytime. And I've gotten in a walk with Monica, too! It's going great - love it! I will say the pollen is making me not want to go at all, but i'm taking my claritin and dealing with it like everyone else. Sigh.

I'm using an app Sharon got me onto called Nike Running. It's great! It tracks our walks and tells me how many miles i'm walking, at what pace and it logs the time so that's been SUPER helpful. During the day I can just pop Becks in the stroller and we'll walk away from the house until we hit a 1/2 mile or a 3/4 mile, and then walk back, getting in a quick mile or mile and a half. I don't like to stay out too long with her just in case - but she does seem to enjoy our little walks, and sleeps through must of them!

After our great friend-filled weekend, Monday was a little quiet at first. But that afternoon we headed to the pediatrician and learned that our little Beckett is already 24" long and 11 pounds/13 oz. - healthy girl! She did great with her shots!

Tuesday we got up early and took a picture of Beckett with a 'Happy Birthday Mimi' sign for my MIL! Beckett was so sweet - she even smiled! Then me and her headed out and made our first outing with just me and her to my office and then to a lunch at Nordstrom Cafe! I was so nervous about the stroller, the carseat, eating on the go, etc., but it was great to see my co-workers and to get to have lunch with Stacy, little Lola, and Leslie! I enjoyed catching up with them all, Beckett did great (such a calm little thing!), and then me and Becks headed home.

We were both exhausted! I think the anxiety of driving with her and just everything took a toll on me! SO glad I had taken the day off working out as I didn't have the energy at. all.

Yesterday we stayed home and stuck to the schedule with lots of good feedings and activity times. We got in a 1-mile stroller walk, and around 6:15 I headed over to Sharon's and we had a great 4.67-mile walk - woo! Before I knew it the day was over and it was time to crash - yesss!

Q: How is your week going? Any highlights yet? Mine is definitely getting through the first round of shots with Beckett and our first venture out - so proud of her! And i'm glad I'm getting in so many walks - even with the allergy attacks it's worth it - makes me feel like me again!

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