Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy April: Hanging with Friends & Fam, Walking, Enjoying Becks

Woo! This month is flying by! Can't believe I haven't posted since the 11th - just staying so busy with little Becks - can't believe she is 10 weeks old already - such a sweet girl! So what have we been up to?

Last Friday/the 12th - family night! We went for a 5.5-mile family walk with Beckett after Austin got off work - so nice! Then we just hung out at home and got some rest for Saturday's day of friends!
Picture from family walk!
Saturday/the 13th - I got up early and did a 4-mile treadmill walk. Afterwards I had planned to visit with Sharon and her godson across the street, but it was SO polleny so we just said hi for a few, then the Mittelbronns came over to visit. Loved catching up with them and getting to see their beautiful girl Madison - total doll.
Becks with Melissa & Madison Mittelbronn
We sat outside and enjoyed the weather until 5 or so when they had to head home and Becks had to go down for a nap. Around 6:30 the Blancos came over and we hung out, had drinks and dinner and they did Beck's shower and bedtime routine with us - so fun! Loved seeing our friends and watching Beckett get to know the important peeps in our lives!

Sunday we got up early and started watching Mad Men Season 5 on Netflix - LOVE IT.

Then I went for a 4.5-mile walk with Sharon on the Greenway - so nice! Later me and Becks and Austin did a 1-mile walk, and then just family night/cooking/etc.

Monday I just spent the day with Becks, then did a 4.5-mile walk with Sharon - we were on a roll! Tuesday I did a 3.25 mile treadmill walk while talking to my mom, then raced home to meet Austin who had a hair appointment. Then I took Becks out for a 3/4-mile walk to take it up to 4 miles! I showered and then Austin's mom got in town to visit! She brought yummy Greek food, we had some wine, we hung out with Becks and had a great night!
Becks with her dad, Mimi Michelle and puppers
Wednesday we visited with Austin's mom, then the two of them headed out to Nordstrom for some shopping. Meanwhile, my mom came to visit - Beckett got to see both of her grandmas in one day! Me and mom took her for a 2.5-mile walk - so nice!
Becks and her Gigi
Thursday we were back on our own, and I squeezed in a 4-mile treadmill walk while having a marathon chat with Monica. Then we just had a pretty routine day that ended, as always with Beck's bath - she loves them!
Becks after bath!
Friday I went to join a new gym (love it!) and got in a short, 2-mile treadmill walk then had a restful family night that included a visit to the nearby fro yo shop!

Saturday my sister and Dane came over! So good to see them - we went for a 4-mile walk on the greenway- both the babes did SO good in their strollers! Yesterday Becks and I headed down to Devon's and Dane's to visit! My mom visited, too, and the 5 of us headed to a nearby park - so fun!

3 of my favorite ladies
Wagon down to park
Sisters and Cousins
Hanging in the Porter's front yard - Becks LOVES that flag
Close up - she seriously loved it
And Dane loved his water table - yay! 
And we loved the Moby - thanks for another great loan, Devie!
Woo! So we've been a little busy but all fun, do-it-to-yourself kind of busy! I'm loving getting Becks out there so much more - she seems to love the outdoors and seeing new people - yay! While I'm LOVING the beautiful weather I'm HATING the pollen. I spend my days with burning eyes, runny nose, constant sneezing - UGH. Even with Claritin I'm getting no relief - so miserable. :(

Q: What have you been up to? Are your allergies making you miserable, too?

Q: The month is wrapping up quick - what's one thing you hope to accomplish in this last week? I've got lots of miles to walk, thank you cards to write, and books to read - fun!!

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