Friday, May 3, 2013

April 2013 Goal Assessment; May Goals!

Yay for Friday! I hope you're all having great days - I'm post-massage so i'm feeling super relaxed and happy. Becks is sleeping, most of my chores for the day are done and i'm excited to be in a new month. April was definitely a jumping-off month. I got a lot done and feel great, but definitely want to focus more in May! I go back to work on Monday which is very bittersweet and i'm definitely interested in how 'being a working mom' shakes out as i've never had to focus on both Becks and my work - eeek! As we're wrapping up another month, here is a look at what we set out to do in April, and what we accomplished!

1. Make 2010 and 2011 photo books. (couldn't do ONE so now i'm going for two.... LOL we'll see!) DONE; well, I did the 2010 one. It took much longer than I expected. I'm definitely excited and motivated to do the 2011 now that I'm enjoying having the 2010 to peruse!  However, i've found that it's best to organize for the books offline THEN make the book. So, for May I will organize for the 2011 book and not make it until June!
A few layouts from our 2010 voyages, including Vegas, New York, the Dominican Republic,  Auburn and Colorado 

2. Finalize Household budget. I'm going to mark this as complete, special thanks to my friend Seema for sending me her Excel file and tips - it definitely helped get me started. While I feel I have snapshot of current, I want to actually start maintaining it... eek!
3. Create study. not done; I did buy a desk at Pottery Barn, but still need bookshelves, a lamp, etc. It's coming along.
4.Upgrade all door knobs. not done! Other things trumped this on Austin's list but he's on it!
5. Read 3 books. not done! I actually read no books. I started several and couldn't get into any which was frustrating. Hopefully I'll have the time to read more in May.
6. Finish thank you cards and order new family stationery. I ordered family stationery but didn't finish thank you cards - have about 20 left and it's on my list for this weekend!
7. Schedule and take newborn photos We scheduled these twice and had to cancel - life keeps getting in the way. Definitely doing in May - they will be three- month pictures! :) 
8. Buy new sheets DONE; Mom helped me and I got a pair of grayish blue Polo sheets from TJ - woo!
9. Follow April 2013 Workout Plan!! Biggest focus of month outside of Beckett! I'd say I did pretty good with this - I did 87 miles, 2 sessions with a personal trainer and 1 group fitness session. I definitely feel 'back in the game' but am ready to add in some strength training and classes - mix it up - woo!

Below is my April Work Out Tracker....

It was supposed to be my calorie tracker, too, but I only tracked for the first 10 days. Tracking is SO hard now that I feel like I have a lot more on my plate. However, I also know that I have had the most success with weight loss when I track, so hopefully I'll do better at tracking in May (although I can safely say that it's the 3rd and I haven't tracked - eek!)

April 1: 1,626 calories; 3-mile walk with Sharon; SP cal burn: 229 (net: 1,397)
April 2: 1,781 calories; Biceps & Back ST; SP cal burn: 20 (net: 1,761)
April 3: 1,616 calories; 45-minute treadmill walk (3 miles) and 2.5 mile walk with Sharon; SP cal burn: 414 (net: 1,202)
April 4: 1,956 calories; off
April 5: 1,607 calories; 40-minute walk with Monica (probably 2 miles) + abs; SP cal burn: 191 (net: 1,416)
April 6: 2,117 calories; 2-mile treadmill walk; SP cal burn: 296 (net: 1,821)
April 7: 1,988 calories; 4.5-mile walk with Sharon; SP cal burn: 346 (net: 1,642)
Week 1: 17 miles (and a back bicep workout and an ab workout)
April 8: 1,762 calories; 1.5-mile stroller walk with Beckett; 3.75-mile walk with Sharon; SP cal burn: 382 (net: 1,380)
April 9: 1,562 calories; off
April 10: 1,770 calories; 1-mile stroller walk with Beckett; 4.63-mile walk with Sharon; SP cal burn: 424
April 11: off
April 12: 1-mile stroller walk with Beckett; 4.5-mile walk with Austin & Beckett; SP cal burn: 392
April 13: 4-mile treadmill walk; SP cal burn: 290
April 14 - 1-mile walk with Beckett; 4.5-mile walk with Sharon
Week 2: 26 miles (43 so far)
April 15 - 4.5-mile walk with Sharon
April 16 - 3.25 mile treadmill walk; 3/4-mile walk with Beckett
April 17 - 2.5 miles with my Mom and Beckett
April 18 - 4-mile treadmill walk
April 19 - 2-mile treadmill walk
April 20 - 4-mile walk with Beckett, Devon and Dane
April 21 - off
Week 3: 21 miles (64 so far)
April 22 - 4-mile walk with Beckett and Michelle
April 23 - 4-mile treadmill walk
April 24 - 1/2 mile (fitness test at Lifetime Fitness); 3.5 mile-walk with Sharon
April 25 - no mileage (but did a 1-hour session with a personal trainer)
April 26: 2-mile treadmill walk
April 27: off
April 28: 3-mile treadmill walk
April 29: group fitness class included 2-mile walk
April 30: 4-mile walk with Sharon; 1-hour session with a personal trainer
Week 4+: 23 miles (and 2 1-hour sessions with personal trainer and a 1-hour group fitness class (87 miles)

Like last month, a lot went on this month:

  • April 6: Had a great visit with Monica, including a walk and pedicure!
  • April 7: Scott & Mary came up to visit, and Teresa and Forrest came over from Alabama to meet Becks and stay the night
  • April 9: Took Becks to my office and had lunch with Stacy & Leslie at Nordstrom
  • April 13: Melissa, Jon and Madison came over to visit and meet Becks; Andy and Monica came over for dinner, drinks and time with Becks
  • April 16: My mother-in-law came to visit Becks for the night
  • April 17: My mom spent the afternoon with me and Beckett
  • April 20: Devon & Dane came over to visit, including a walk and fun on the piano
  • April 21: Beckett and I drove over to Devon's to see Devon, Dane and my mom and visit the park
  • April 22: My mother-in-law came to visit for a few nights and keep me and Becks company while Austin traveled
  • April 23: My aunt Sharon spent the day with me, Beckett and Michelle (Austin's mom!)
  • April 25 - 28: Headed over to Birmingham for a long weekend, including Michael Velotas's first birthday and a get together for his dad, Jimmy's, 31st birthday

Other than that, random things were done!
  • We figured out and settled up the accident case from last November when I was rearended
  • Switched over from Regions Bank to Wells Fargo (so much work -ugh)
  • Went to the chiropractor
  • Found and ordered Beckett's outfits for photos
  • Sorted and packed maternity clothes to return to 3 of my friends who lent them to me; returned 1 set so far
  • Signed up for a new gym
  • Began the process of refinancing our home (ugh)
  • Made Mother's Day presents for Beckett's Gigi and Mimi
I also continued my daily pictures of Beckett - here are some favorites from April!

So what are the May goals?

1. Organize closet around what fits; return all maternity clothes
2. Operationalize household budget
3. Create study
4.Upgrade all door knobs
5. Read 3 books
6. Finish thank you cards
7. Schedule and take newborn photos
8. Organize for 2011 photo book.
9. Follow May 2013 Workout Plan!! Biggest focus of month outside of Beckett!

Q: What's on your agenda for May?!

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