Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 2013 Goal Assessment; April Goals!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you're all having great days and coming off of fun, family weekends.  I'm here at home with the family, starting week 7 of my 12-week maternity leave... why is it flying by?! Beckett is sleeping - we're so proud of her - we just started a new schedule and she slept through the night for the first time last night! Very exciting day here at the Martin household. As we're wrapping up another month, here is a look at what we set out to do in March, and what we accomplished!

1. Make a photo book (wedding book!). not done... it's like I have an aversion to making this books. Sigh. Back on the list for April!
2. Finalize household budget. not done.... same here - it's as though I have no desire to learn how much $ it takes to live how we live, and how much we should save/spend/etc. Back on for April!
3. Create study! Buy bookcases, desks, lamps, etc. not done - it's on my radar, and I'm still deciding if I want one desk or two, if I want to put a big chair in there, or what.
4. Upgrade all door knobs - last 5! not done - doing in April.
5. Read 3 books. DONE; actually I read 5 - was in a reading place during this mostly ugly weather month.
6. Make 3 new recipes. DONE; need to finish posting - got a good bit of cooking done!
7. Have bedroom, bonus room, and two bathrooms painted.. DONE; the whole interior is now painted and we're loving the new, lighter look.
8. Find other house items: navy throws/accents for master; night stand, lamp & art for guest room not done - on the list for April!

Looking at the list I'm surprised we didn't accomplish more because it certainly felt busy! Then again, a lot went on this month:
  • March 1 - 4: Three of my besties  from high school came to visit from Virginia, Alabama and South Georgia - so great to spend the weekend with Emily, Lindsey and Megan and have them meet Beckett!

  • March 7: Moms on Call came out to help with bathing, scheduling, clipping nails, etc. for Beckett! And that night our friend Jamie came by to visit with enchiladas - yay!
  • March 8: Monica came to visit and we went for a walk and Starbucks!
  • March 9: My mom came to visit Beckett!
  • March 10: Crystal came to visit and meet Beckett bringing awesome California Baby products - so sweet!

  • March 11: Went to Beckett's future daycare to choose her 'spot' - her crib/change table/etc.
  • March 12 - 14: Austin's mom came to visit and gave us a night out without Beckett - it was so. weird. to go to dinner without her. We were only gone from 5:30 - 7:30 but it felt like 16 hours apart. I'm glad we got out though and had a great dinner at Pampas!

  • March 15: Another great walk and talk with Monica!
  • March 16: St. Patrick's Day dinner with the Tuerk's; Mon and Andy came over for drinkies!
  • March 18: OBGYN appointment; cleared to begin exercise!
  • March 20: Walk and talk with Sharon!
  • March 23: Celebrated my nephew Dane's second birthday, and had my stepdad and his new wife over to meet Beckett!

  • March 24: Devon, Zach and Dane came over - Beckett met her cousin!

  • March 25: Chiropractor visit!
  • March 26: Had the pups groomed
  • March 27: Prepped for taxes and had them done; spent the afternoon with Stacy and Lola

  • March 28 - 31: We had our first road trip to Birmingham for Easter weekend (which involved creating 'Beckett's Packing List' - and updating it after the trip - I learned a lot about what to bring and what not to bring!)
  • March 29: Beckett met her Uncle Tyler and her Velotas Family

  • March 31: Visited with my sister, Zach and nephew Dane; Beckett's second visit!

Other than that, random things were done!
  • We figured out and settled up our maternity hospital bill
  • Started (and stopped) C25K - my knees can't handle this weight... back to walking until I lose some!
  • We clipped Becket's nails for the first time - SCARY! But we all lived.
  • I began working out - doing some walks with Monica and Sharon, but also several on the treadmill alone (or on the phone with friends!)
  • Road tested two carpet steamers (pups had accidents during our adjustment to Beckett period...); resulted in a few trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Got a $200 water bill, had them come read the meter, found out we had a leak, fixed it ourselves - oy
I also continued my daily pictures of Beckett - here are some favorites from March!

Eeee love our little nugget! What else did we do? I guess just the obvious: lots of pumping and making formula, cooking, laundry, trips to Babies R Us, trips to the grocery store, etc. Definitely a busy month, but a great month home with Beckett and we got in a lot of time with our family and friends!

So what are the April goals?

1. Make 2010 and 2011 photo books. (couldn't do ONE so now i'm going for two.... LOL we'll see!)
2. Finalize Household budget.
3. Create study.
4.Upgrade all door knobs.
5. Read 3 books.
6. Finish thank you cards and order new family stationery.
7. Schedule and take newborn photos
8. Buy new sheets
9. Follow April 2013 Workout Plan!! Biggest focus of month outside of Beckett!

Q: What's on your agenda for April?!

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