Friday, April 5, 2013

Time to Start Losing Some Baby Weight

So it's April. I said I would start working out for real on April 1, 8 weeks postpartum. In March I did several walks, a few C25K runs, and a few ST routines but I wasn't really tracking or being proactive - just taking advantage of pretty weather days and friends willing to walk with me! But now, I'm in it to begin losing this weight! I weigh 149. My first goal weight is 125. I LOVE to weigh 115, but let's not push it. Let's just say 125... for now. This means I have 24 pounds to lose. 
I found this photo online and find it inspiring; I feel like the 3rd or 4th girl from the left - have a ways to go!
How am I Going to Do it?

Well, I'm going to try to do it with walking and strength training. I lost this much weight before (granted, it was 5 years ago... and it wasn't after a baby) - but still - this is a starting point so i'm going to roll with it. I was going to try to lose it with running, but after 3 C25K workouts my knees screamed no. Apparently they don't want to carry around this extra weight either!

In addition to walking and strength training, I'm going to start tracking again. UGH. I tracked for years, seriously, and it works. I know it works. And it's not that hard because almost all of my stuff is already in SparkPeople, but I just loved life post-tracking when I was just maintaining. But again, I have weight to lose and am going to use what I know works - holding myself accountable! I'm tracking calories, carbs, fat and protein, and just going with what SparkPeople recommends for now.

How it's Going so Far

Well, it's only Day 5, so not too bad

April 1: 1,626 calories; 1-hour walk with Sharon (probably 3 miles)
April 2: 1,781 calories; Biceps & Back ST
April 3: 1,616 calories; 45-minute treadmill walk (3 miles) and 2.5 mile walk with Sharon
April 4: 1,956 calories; off

Looking forward to keeping it up. The last time I had this much weight to lose, I had to stay low calorie + active for a couple of months until the weight budged, so here's to staying on track and (hopefully) seeing results in a couple of months.

Please wish me luck! On the one hand I feel confident I'll lose it, on another i'm like what if I don't which kind of freaks me out!

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