Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 2013 Goal Assessment; June Goals!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you're having a good day! Today is my last Wednesday at work before I become Beckett's stay-at-home mom - eeee! I did not accomplish all that I had planned for May as it ended up being all switched up with everyone's new jobs (and just general business - eek!), BUT here is a look at what we set out to do in May, and what we accomplished!

1.  Organize closet around what fits; return all maternity clothes; halfway done! I organized a lot and returned 2 sets of maternity clothes, but still have one more set to return and need to finish up on the closet!
2. Operationalize household budget; done! I've started using it as of June 1! I'm sure adjustments will be needed but for now it's in the works!
3. Create study not even kind of done - put on back burner for SURE!
4.Upgrade all door knobs DONE! We officially have no more brass doorknobs in the house!
5. Read 3 books not done! Reading took a backseat again; I did finish Kate White's Hush but not until June!
6. Finish thank you cards not done! This is the FIRST thing on my list for June - eek!
7. Schedule and take newborn photos They are scheduled, but won't be taken until Saturday - so almost done! :)
8. Organize for 2011 photo book. Not done at all!
9. Follow May 2013 Workout Plan!! Biggest focus of month outside of Beckett! I did okay with this, but had a lot of distractions with the new job stuff SO, June is a big focus and is going well so far!

Like last month, a lot went on this month!
  • May 4: Jason, Crystal and Grady came to visit and Jason and Grady got to meet Beckett - so cute!
  • Did lots of walks with Sharon - such a great workout buddy!
  • May 18: Shana, Lincoln and their boys came over to visit - loved catching up over wine and dinner!
  • May 18: Monica and Andy came to visit for dinner and drinks - fun night!
  • May 24 - 27: We went to the lake for Memorial Day weekend - great to visit with Austin's parents, even though I was sick almost the whole weekend - ugh!
  • May 30: Had a mom's night at Twisted Taco with stay-at-home moms near me - great to talk with them and get their perspective - hope to hang more now that that's my new job, too!
Other than that, random things were done!
  • I got a haircut, massage, facial and pedicure - really tried to destress and take care of myself!
  • Becks had three photo shoots - busy girl!
  • Went to Wells Fargo to open a savings account for Becks!
  • Sold a piece of wall art on Craigslist
  • Made an activity list for Beckett and bought fun, cheapie things to paly with (e.g., a beach ball, a punch ball, a pinwheel, bubbles, etc.)
  • Moved family To-Dos over to Wunderlist -my new favorite thing
So what are the June goals?

1. Finish organizing closet around what fits; return all maternity clothes
2. Do full month of household budget; see how it goes!
3. Read 3 books
4. Finish thank you cards
5. Take family photos!
6. Follow May 2013 Workout Plan!! Biggest focus of month outside of Beckett!
7. Finalize Beckett's activity plans; make sensory bags; make "art"; make faces book
8. Research Amazon Subscribe & Save; coupon sites; etc.

Q: What's are your plans for June?!

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