Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June so Far: In a Nutshell

How in the WORLD is it the middle of June? Seriously. I don't know where the time is going! This month has been very interesting, from ending my job with AutoTrader.com, to starting my job as Beckett's stay-at-home Mom. I've been feeling all over the place - excited, lucky, nervous, anxious - all over the map! I know this was the right thing and I feel so fortunate to be able to do it, but I would be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me that isn't like OMG, can I do this? Did I make the right decision?? At the end of the day, Beckett is healthy and seems happy - I think i'd feel this way if I was at work - I think it's just feeling like a parent. So that's my inner thought randomness for the day!

It's been a good month all things considered! I am definitely still in transition mode. Here's a few pictures and a few highlights so far:

Photo from Zach Porter Photography
Photo from Zach Porter Photography
Our happy 4-month old baby girl
"Flying with Dad"
June 1: Dinner with Monica and Andy and Memorialpalooza visit with Jason and Crystal and their son Grady
June 2: Visit from Ruje! So sweet for Beckett to meet her - love it; 4-mile Sharon
June 3: 3-mile treadmill walk before work; 3-mile walk with Sharon after work!
June 4: 3-mile treadmill walk before work
June 5: 3-mile treadmill walk before work; Another job for Beckett! This one for a Baby Einstein swing!
June 6: My going away party at Brio!
June 7: My last day at ATC; sweet team lunch at Brooklyn Cafe
June 8: Beckett is 4 months old! Family photo shoot with Zach Porter Photography! Visit with the Porters and their son Dane
June 10: First day of new job! First day of Austin's new job! Lunch with an old co-worker at Capital Grille and evening walk with Sharon
June 11: Another job for Beckett - this one for two Bright Starts bouncer seats
June 12: Morning walk with Chanel and her baby Henry; day of fun with Monica, including the grocery story and chilling and chatting at the house
June 14: Beckett's 4-month pediatrician appointment! 14.1 pounds and 25" long - healthy girl!; family walk!
June 15: 3-mile treadmill walk
June 16: Father's Day! Family day, golf for Austin and dinner out; visit from my Stepdad Mike and his wife Ann
Today: Lunch at Cheeky with Sarah & Jessica and their babies Gavin and Harper

Definitely enjoying my walks and get togethers! Still working on trying to find the right balance and not overextending myself (or Beckett!) - so far, so good. I'm doing pretty good on my goals! I've read two books (book reviews coming!), organized the closet around what fits, returned all but one set of maternity clothes, took family photos, finalized Beckett's activity plans and made her sensory bags; and researched Amazon Subscribe & Save/coupon sites - WOO! Not too much left to do and am still focusing on #1: taking care of Miss Becks; #2: helping Austin transition into his new job/schedule, etc.; #3: taking care of our sweet puppers and our home! While I know i'm no longer bringing home a paycheck, I still feel like i'm making a difference here at home!

Q: What are a few of your June highlights?!

Q: Do you use Amazon Subscribe & Save??! I've been using it for diapers and wipes, but added several more things to it - hoping I like it!

K - I'm working on my next post now - 2 book reviews and a recipe - woo! I hope you're all well - take care!

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