Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weight Loss/BMI By the Numbers & Updated Plan

Before I dive in please note that I DO include numbers. This is to compare myself to me and to the BMI calculator, and mostly it is just a measurement to show progress. I'm the kinda girl that needs tangibles, and the scale can be an easy way for me to show if my efforts are working (or not!). Without further ado, here's what's been up:
  • I typically weigh 125 even though I love to weigh 115.
  • On February 8, I had our adorable, awesome little Beckett Grace Martin. 
  • On February 25, I wrote about how I lost 36 pounds in Two Weeks, which took my weight to 149.
  • On April 5, almost 2 months post-partum,  I wrote 'Time to Start Losing the Baby Weight' and reported that I weighed, still, 149 giving me 24 pounds to lose (to get to 125). But I was ready to get serious!
  • In April, I walked 87 miles and had 2 personal training sessions and 1 group training session. However, I lost just 1 pound taking me to 148. Yes, I was discouraged. 
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  • In May, I struggled. I did a good bit of walks, but I also focused way more attention on 'New Jobs for Everyone'. I remained at 148.
  • June 10 would be my first day in my new 'job' home with Beckett, so I just knew June would give me the time I needed to focus on Beckett (of course!) and on losing this weight! Well... it didn't quite work that way. I got distracted trying to do so many things at home and keeping up with friends and making new mommy friends and Beckett's jobs that two weeks flew by where I felt like while I was eating MUCH better, I wasn't getting in a lot of workouts (like 3 walks a week). And I was like wait a minute, why am I overscheduling myself? If my two biggest goals are Beckett and losing the weight why am I doing 99 other things? I annoy myself. Needless to say, weight remained at 148.
  • On Wednesday, June 19, I sat down with my friend Monica and looked at Beckett's new '4 - 6 month schedule' and identified an ideal time that I should go to the gym every day. Then on Saturday, June 22, I compared that time to my gym's schedule and, with Austin's help, made a Summer Workout Plan!
Weekly Plan* 
  • Monday: Abs (on my own @ gym); 1-mile incline walk; 45-minute Spin Class
  • Tuesday: 1-hour Cardio Kickboxing
  • Wednesday: 1-hour Strength Training Class
  • Thursday: 1-hour Zumba Class
  • Friday: 30-minute abs class; 4-mile treadmill walk
  • Saturday OR Sunday: Cycle OR Zumba OR take the weekend off to rest
*any family walks or walks with Sharon are gravy!

How am I doing so far?

Sunday: 4-mile walk with Sharon (not on plan - plan didn't start until Monday!)
Monday: Only did the spin class
Tuesday: I had a lunch scheduled so I did nothing, eek!
Wednesday: I took the strength training class (which ended up being an hour of 4 things: squats, lunges, deadlifts and pushups) and did a 4-mile walk with Sharon that evening!
Today: I'm ready, albeit very sore, for Zumba!

I am happy to report that I FINALLY saw a new number this week- 146. Yes, that's only 2 pounds, but it's 2 pounds in the right direction so i'll take it and be proud of myself! 

And.... this morning I saw 145! True story! 

This means 20 pounds to go - I can do this! I have no doubt that I'll go up a bit before I come down a bit more but I am still VERY excited! And to circle back to that BMI . . . even with my recent 3-pound weight loss I am considered overweight. Details:

  • I use this calculator.
  • When I put in 5'2" and 145, I get 26.5 indicating that I am overweight. 
  • 18.5 - 24.9 is normal, and a healthy weight for my height is 101 to 136. I disagree with this, in that I've seen myself below 110 and it's not pretty . . . it's a bit gaunt and boyish SO, I'd say my healthy weight is 115 to 130!
Anyway, I think it's good to look at this calculator - I know i'll feel better once I'm in the 'normal' range - 9 pounds to go!

Q: What do you think of BMI? Helpful or nah?

Q: How do you lose weight - quickly? Slow then fast results? Slow then slow results?

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