Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gone Girl Book Review, ST Class, Bizarre Foods

Yesterday was a great day, especially for a Monday! I got up early of course with Austin to see him off, then with got the poodles fed, then Beckett, then me. Becks woke up in a wonderful mood, this is always her happiest time of the day! The morning flew by, as did her nap, then we were off to the gym - me to a strength training class and Beckett to the Infant Room. The class was good - lots of leg work which I need for sure. I love classes that use lots of stuff I don't have at home - like this one used a ball, 3 sets of dumbbells, 1 long resistance band and 1 short one. We moved quickly through the exercises - this was my favorite:
I was a little bit late for class, so I ended with 10 minutes left, so I raced to a treadmill, set that sucker's incline at 8 and walked for a 1/2 mile. Not a bad workout - 63 minutes and 421 calories!
Then Becks got her pears and carrots and a nap, and I got in some cooking time! Never a dull moment. Today's 'background movie' during Beckett's nap/my cooking was 13 Going on 30. So dang cute - used to love this movie and then there it was on Netflix.
I remember watching this, what almost 10 years ago? And being like why would she want to be thirty?That is so old. haha Now, here I am, at 31 watching this going, "she's acting like she's 26, NOT 30." LOL Age is comically in the eye of the beholder.

Then Austin got home, we had dinner, did Beckett's nighttime routine, then settled in for a Bizarre Foods America episode focused on Birmingham, Alabama - where Austin's parents live/where we got married! The show was a little crazy... I just don't want to eat pig blood, bullfrog hearts and farm-raised urchin. No, not kidding - eeeeek! Some was a little more traditional, which was fun to watch, but a lot of it just kinda grossed me out and I had to close my eyes during the slaughterhouse scenes - I am such a baby.

Before I go I have a book review to share! Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. I just don't even know what to think. For one, I know I must have liked it because when I finished it I went straight out to the online message boards, reviews, etc. to see what everyone else was saying about it. It definitely got me thinking. I went into this book having no idea what it was about, just that this is a Gillian Flynn book and I like her books. Ultimately, it was a mystery - a man's wife is missing. Who killed her? Is she even dead? There were little side mysteries, too, and it all took place in a spooky post-recession town. To me, I got into it immediately... then after about 30 pages I got bored. It seemed too town-focused - like, enough about the setting, what about the story? Then, about midway through a MAJOR twist occurred. Then I couldn't set it down and flew through it. It was twisty and crazy until the very, very end which seriously surprised me. I don't know that I love the ending, which is why I went to said message boards to see if anyone else liked it and if so, why, and to see if those who didn't love the ending had better alternate endings. To me, they did! Anyway - good book, definitely twisted good stuff. I would read it again to try to piece it back together - it was that crazy to me! All in all, I give it a 4/5 - would have been a 5 if I had written the ending. LOL

Q: What is the most bizarre food you've ever eaten? I don't think I have one! I guess I have had deermeat (in high school), octopus (yummy app at Kyma) and alligator (fried awesome yumminess at 5 seasons brewery)... I'll have to think - if prepared properly I have been game for anything, but again... no frogs. Ever. :(

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