Monday, July 29, 2013

Recipe, Fun Family Weekend, Incline Walking

Happy Monday! The beginning of another week. I still find myself getting anxious on Sunday and waking up stressed on Monday. I must stop this behavior! LOL Quick backtrack - Friday was another day with Beckett. I was still super sore and woke up after a bad night's sleep - my ear is killing me! I vowed to go to the doctor if it kept up! Instead of going to the doctor for me, Beckett and I used her morning awake time to take the puppers to the vet!
Becks Chilling with her Pups (sidebar: you can see the new paint color in our bedroom as well as the ginormous canvas picture of Beckett from her second day on earth!
It was time for more shots, more heartworm treatments and comprehensive exams. We ended up having to drop the pups off as Becks had to be back home to sleep at 8:30 a.m.! The morning flew by, and then it was time for Becks to be up and to go back to pick up the pups - all was well, although it is time for their dental cleaning - eek! Becks ended up having a fussy afternoon, so we stayed home and before we knew it Austin was home, dinner was had and we all passed out from the long week!

Saturday was a great day! Austin got in tons of morning Beckett time, and then we went to Catch Air for little Grady's birthday party.
Me and my little girl
She loved the light up floor! She spent almost the whole party with Stevens, dad of 2 beautiful girls - SO CUTE!
Great to see Karly and her beautiful girl Caroline (Charlotte was running around - never got a pic!)
The birthday boy with his awesome parents - he had such a great time at his party! (sorry for the fuzziness - way too many lights for my camera to snap a good one!)
Buzz Light Year, Crystal, Austin, Becks with Stevens and little Caroline with her Bunny!
After the party we headed home, Becks slept,  I picked up some drycleaning, and then I went to the gym for another incline walk - woo! Great workout.
4-mile incline walk!
On the way home from the gym I talked to my sister who just got a new job that requires her to have a blog or website - she is swamped so I offered to do it - FUN! I got home, showered, then the three of us headed out for a few groceries and to pick up sushi. After sushi dinner it was 8 - Austin got in some xBox time, I built her blog, and then we had a beer at 10 before bedtime!

Sunday I woke up to a very, very sore, itchy inner and outer ear. Time to hit up a doc. He diagnosed it as a Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, and called in prescriptions for a steroid, a steroid nosespray and said to get on Sudafed immediately. Just glad I finally did something about it - after a few months of discomfort is simply wasn't going away and my "treatment" of q-tips was likely just making it worse - eek! After the doctor I got home to a happy family and homemade caprese salads - Austin made them for his parent's visit! They were in town for a 40-year high school reunion, and came by to see us, mostly Beckett of course! Beckett loves her Mimi and Poppa!
Her first time clasping her little hands together like this 
And before I go, here is the recipe for the Soy Salmon we made last week! GOOD stuff!

K - off to get Beckett and hit the gym! I hope to have a great day, and hope you do too!

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was seeing Beckett seeing ALL those kiddos at Grady's birthday - she was so engaged and curious - looking everywhere all at once! Needless to say, she passed out HARD afterwards - sensory overload!

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