Thursday, August 1, 2013

Homegrown Tomato Sauce, Cheesy Family Shot

Yesterday was another busy day! Up early with Beckett, lots of laundry/dishes/and the ever-popular trash day during her naps. Beckett wants to say hi!
Loving my knit ruffle leggings!
I also did lots of cooking for the week, making a couple recipes as well as a homegrown tomato sauce with Austin's backyard-grown tomatoes and basil. I had never made a homemade sauce before (however this one is a good cheat with canned tomatoes). Guess what? Making the sauce was kind of a bitch. From the boiling of the tomatoes to the 'ice bath' then the peeling then deseeding, all before adding all the other ingredients and simmering for "forever" it kind of sucked. BUT, the results were kind of amazing and i'll do it again so don't listen to all that griping. :) Recipe coming soon, but for now here was the dinner I had on the table at 6 - YUM!
seriously awesome
Next time I'll add meatballs or what not but for my first time making it I really wanted to be able to taste the sauce by itself in case tweaks were needed - none were - yay! The sauce/tomatoes were so sweet it seriously tasted like I used a cup of sugar - insane. After dinner it was time for Beckett's bath and bottle. I tested out the automatic timer on my camera and got a slightly cheesy family shot during her nighttime bottle. 
Reuben has sincerely claimed that pouf as his own (big surprise), and while we have another chair in the room (the orange one) I wanted a little chair I could just sit near her rocking chair. I had this in my previous 'scrapbook room.' Typically Austin gives her the bottle and I read a book during and the poodles usually fall asleep. Heck, I usually fall asleep - it's so relaxing and dark with her blackout curtains and Baby Einstein Bach 'winding down' playlist. haha
After Becks went to sleep (7:15) I worked a bit on my August goals (can. not. believe. it's almost August. Seriously. My baby turns 6 months old in 8 days - what??!). And that was about that! No gym as I was hella sore from Monday and Tuesday's workouts. Planning on going today though - thinking an incline walk after my fabulous lunch with my co-worker Billy!

Q: Ever made homemade tomato sauce? I can definitely see using the canned whole tomatoes if crunched for time, but if Beckett has a long nap and I have tons of tomatoes on the verge of going bad, I'm in for this one!

Q: How often do you take family photos? I'm finding that I don't take many and am thinking of doing this self-timer once a month or whatever, same shot, so we can see our little Beckett grow with the family? I dunno - either way, it's cheesy but I like it. 

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