Friday, August 2, 2013

July 2013 Goal Assessment; August Goals!

Wow... it's really August, huh?! Looking back to July, I'm definitely feeling more comfortable as a stay-at-home-mom and am figuring out what balance is best for Beckett and our family. I think I did a MUCH better job feeling in control while still being flexible, vs. feeling stressed/overwhelmed. Here is a look at what we set out to do in July, and what we accomplished!

1. Clean out attic, garage, cabinets, drawers and all closets - declutter, declutter, declutter! I did a lot of this, especially in the master, kitchen, etc., but it wasn't specific enough so I'm going to make this goal more SMART for August!
2. Finish thank you cards I'm all caught up - they're in the mail as of tomorrow!
3. Finish David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' and apply principles to Wunderlist/Google Calendar/etc. Did this - woo! Now I plan to apply more of his principles to the decluttering mentioned in #1.
4. Follow July 2013 Summer Workout Plan! Did this, and lost 5 pounds! But going to make it more SMART for August.
5Do new activities with Beckett: make "foot art"; make faces book; flour pat; water play; etc. Did water play and flour pat, but haven't finished faces book or done foot art!
6. Make Beckett's Memory Box and Catch up on her Monthly Favorites. Did memory box, not favorites yet!
7. Find, Healthify, Make and Post 5 - 7 new recipes (in a cooking mood!). Did 5 new recipes!
8. Finalize office plans; purchase all needed furniture, items, etc.; print and frame family/Beckett photos. Hit a wall being that the bookscases I want are now discontinued - going to make this a focus for August.

Like last month, a lot went on this month!

July 1: Beckett modeling job; visit to Ikea for small office items
July 3: Visit with Stacy and Lola
July 4: Cardio/ST Class; errands in the rain
July 6: Zumba class; Pilates ab DVD at home;  Blancos, Carroll's and Tyson visit for my birthday
July 7: I turn 31 - what?! Movies with Mom and Sister; Walk with Sharon
July 8: Beckett modeling job; 3.5-mile treadmill walk
July 9: Lunch with Katy & her daughter Margot; 4-mile treadmill walk
July 10: ST Class
July 11: Zumba Class; amazing evening massage
July 12: Lunch with Sarah & her son Gavin; trip to Whole Foods
July 14: Walk with Sharon; visit from and outlets with my Mom and Sister
July 15: ST Class
July 16: Cardio day - 10 minutes on treadmil, 20 minutes on elliptical and 15 minutes on spin bike; bank day - merged all of our accounts!
July 17: Chiropractor visit; ST class
July 18: Lunch with Melissa; Walk with Sharon
July 19: Leave for Birmingham Weekend; visited with Veloti & Cardens & saw their daughter Emma
July 20: Family day in Birmingham; visit to pool; dinner in
July 21: 3-mile incline walk
July 22: 3.25-mile incline walk
July 23: Cardio class
July 24: ST class
July 26: Pupper vet appointments; errands with Beckett
July 27: Visit with Prance's and Young's at Grady's Birthday Party; 3.5-mile incline walk
July 28: Visit from Austin's parents; Doctor for ear
July 29: ST Class
July 30: Cardio class; ATC retirement party; Beckett's first time with babysitter!

Other than that, random things were done!
  • Read Gone Girl
  • Worked to get our mailbox replaced since our neighbor ran it over... still not done though and now we're thinking of going different direction!
  • Finished returning maternity clothes - yes!
  • Paid off my student loans - WOO!
  • Coordinated with tile people to have upstairs toilet reset
  • Purchased a new front mat - it was beyond time
  • Made tons of food for Beckett, including apples, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and carrots.
So what are the August goals?

1. Declutter these spaces: (1) attic; (2) garage; (3) master bedroom nightstands; (4) pantry; (5) guest room closets; (6) Upstairs Den closets; (7) Kitchen Cabinets; (8) Laundry Room; (9) Top shelf of closet/shoes
2. Apply David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' principles to house (related to above declutter!).
3. Workout/wear HRM for at least 5 days/hours per week: 3 - 4 classes and 2 - 3 walks
4. Beckett Activities: (1) Finalize '6 - 9 Month activities' for Beckett; do 3 new activities per week. (2) Catch up on Beckett's monthly favorites - Do Months 1 - 5. (3) Make new foods: prunes, green beans, peas, bananas and avocados. (4) Start photo replication project
5. Finish Study: (1) find new bookcase solution/purchase/decorate; (2) remove tables/rug that will not live in this room; (3) put together desk; (4) hang NY canvas; (5)  print and frame family/Beckett photos; (6) determine where to hang things, if we want to get a chair/ottoman, if we want to go ahead and put together Beckett's table/activity center.
6. Get new mailbox installed.

And I can't leave without a few favorite Beckett photos... :)
July 2
July 10
July 12
July 16
July 20
July 26
July 28
WOO - what a great month! Definitely ready for August and feeling strong, focused and happy!!

Q: What's are your plans for August?

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