Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Recap: Lunch with Billy, Two-A-Days, Beckett's Photo Shoots, Dinner Visit

Outside of our regular Thursday programming, Beckett and I had lunch with Billy (one of my old teammembers!) at Nordstrom!
Beckett wasn't cooperating with photos but was super cute and chill with Billy, just eating her letters! SO good to visit with him and catch up!
After Beckett's afternoon nap we hit up the gym. If I'm not going to a class, I love to go at a super dead time (3ish to 4:30ish) - it's just quiet in a nice way and Beckett is like the only child there so she gets like 4:1 attention! :) I did an incline walk:
Not bad! I was actually ready to go at 45 minutes but looked down and hadn't quite gotten to 400 calories so I kept walking to get there. I'm such a dork. Then me and Beckett headed home, had solids and she went down for her cat nap during which I picked up the house, made tomorrow's breakfast and coffee and started dinner! Austin got home early and then it was time for Beckett to be up so the three of us hung out during which Sharon texted to see if I wanted to walk! I hadn't showered yet, so I went for it! So fun to catch up with her, too, so much had happened in just the couple of weeks since our last walk!
So yes, my first 'two-a-days' in forever, 731 calories burned - WOO. That may have erased the pizza I had at Nordstrom - hopefully! :)

Friday was a wonderfully normal morning, but our afternoon presented a fun adventure - Beckett was in a photo shoot with Joleen for House of Mia! It was great to meet Joleen and her adorable little boy Benjamin. Beckett seemed to really enjoy having her picture taken, and I loved the little clothes she wore! We had a good visit, but didn't finish up, so we decided to wrap up the following day. In the meantime, Joleen sent this adorable picture preview:
Loved the awesome headbands and fabrics - and OMG it's hard to believe Becks was ever as tiny as that sweet newborn on the right! Photo from Joleen
This was one of the outfit she wore! I found this photo on House of Mia - I think Joleen took it! 
After the photos, we headed home, hung out with Austin, had dinner and family night and called it a night! Great, fun day! Saturday we got up with Beckett, then I headed out around 8:15 to go walk with Sharon! 59 minutes, 417 calories - great workout, and it of course flew by because we gabbed the whole time!
After our walk I showered and we headed back over to Joleen's for Photo Shoot 2 of 2! This time Austin came and we got to meet her husband, Ben, and Beckett got to try on even more cute outfits! We got to keep the adorable clothes after the shoot - SO cute. We also get this adorable little doll - picture of everything coming soon! In the meantime, here is another preview photo Joleen sent over!
Our happy girl loved smiling for Joleen!
After the shoot we headed home, then went to the grocery store to get fish for dinner - Fish Taco night with the Lanory's! Scott and Mary came over around 6 to visit! I snapped this selfie just before they arrived - love my girl! And we're already wearing her new House of Mia pieces!
Always great to see Scott & Mary - never a quiet moment! We hung with Becks, the boys gave her her bath, the girls gave her her last bottle, then we had jalapeno poppers, fish tacos, and wine! Mary also brought a fun concoction of white wine and a raspberry sparkling water - um, yum! And they brought a
bottle of wine - so sweet!
Becks was super content with Mary and LOVED her necklace!
SUCH a fun weekend, and it's not even over yet! Definitely posting more on Beckett's photos and new clothes, and on those jalapeno poppers - wowza - loved 'em.

Q: What's your favorite homemade appetizer? Mine is seriously now the poppers! They're so dang good - dangerously so!

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