Friday, December 6, 2013


Gap is a place that was kind of a little bit on my radar before motherhood but is HUGE in my life now. I love Baby Gap for Beckett, loved their maternity stuff , and am into their 'fit' athletic wear and lounge clothes, too. Everything is so dang cozy.

Back in November I ordered some cold-weather items for Beckett. Apparently it was 'gap cash' timing, and when I purchased I made Gap Cash. I got an email this week saying I had until 12/8 to spend my gap cash and if I spent $300 I would get $150 off... Huh. I immediately looked at stuff for Beckett but that girl truly needs for nothing in her current size and I'm nervous to buy ahead too much with the changing season making it tough! I don't really need anything either, but I will say the majority of my clothes are now too small or too large or just don't fit right. Austin suggested I get some comfortable, classic pieces (no, he didn't say it this way - but that was my takeaway to 'stuff that fits good, is nice and you'll wear later.')

 Anyway, I went today knowing I would spend $150 at most... I didn't expect sales but there they were - SALES! Sweaters and knits were 40% off, cords were 40% off, button-ups were 20% off, etc. Thanks to my Gap Cash and a $10 reward, I ended up getting the following, including tax, for $165... 2 pairs of cords, 3 waffle shirts, 2 button up shirts, 1 sweater, 1 cardy, 1 skirt, 1 long-sleeve t shirt, 1 short-sleeved t-shirt.
Love - saw this boyfriend shirt on a mannequin with mint green cords - adorable! They have it for $50, I got it for $21
skinny cords? yes! Love. List was $60, I paid $19
another pair of skinny cords - fab. Like the other pair, list was $60 but I paid 19.
these waffle shirts were SO cozy - list was $27, I paid 8.
Been wanting a chambray shirt that doesn't cost $100; this listed at $60, I paid $35
cozy waffle shirt in my favorite color? easy purchase
more waffle - yes!
striped cardy - in person this is Auburn orange and it fits great! And it was on crazy sale from $50 to $19, but I paid $10.
love this cotton, sweatshirt-material skirt - it will be worn with leggings and an oversized sweater for SURE; it was on crazy sale, too, listed at $45 but I got it for $9.
war eagle - auburn sweater! List was $45, but I paid $15.
This is also AU orange in person -and it has a little zipper on the shoulder that is too cute; listed at $25 but I paid $9
Cute, cozy 'star' T-shirt - listed at $20 on sale.. I got it for $4
I thought that was a great deal for some new pieces that fit my new body - yay! Hope you like! 

Q: Any good finds lately? Are you a Gap fan? Any good sales out there?

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