Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Catch Up!

It's November 23 and I haven't posted since November 2 - oy! I have the photos, keep track of what we did but whenever I sit down to post something distracts me! Something is usually Beckett. Or, once Beckett goes down for the night, I'm distracted by hanging with Austin and/or watching Fall TV. We've also been out of town, going on new adventures with Beckett and having fun! Here's what's been up:

Friday, November 1: Andrea, our friend from the gym Infant Room, came to watch the monitor while we went out for Meghan's Birthday Dinner! Chanel & Jan picked us up, and we met up with Josie & Nick, who did much of the planning, Hanna & Sam and Meghan's husband Jay. We ate at Table & Main in Roswell and the food was excellent. 
Saturday, November 2: Lots of family time at the house before going over to our neighbor's house for dinner! I met a new friend on Halloween, Lidiya, and she invited us over for football and a steak dinner! We brought a tomato salad and cauliflower mash. Auburn won the game and we had a great time with her and her husband, and daughter Sophia.
No pictures at their house, but a shot of me and Beckett when we were heading out the door
Sunday, November 3: A day of rest for sure! Me and Beckett didn't leave the house and loved every minute of it! Austin, however, had to leave for St. Louis for a few days for work. :(
Playing with her dino after Dad left
Monday, November 4:  Mid-morning strength training class at the gym while Beckett enjoyed the infant room! After her nap, we headed to the mall and got an adorable puffer vest at Janie & Jack, and went to Pottery Barn to pick up her Carolina Activity Chair. When we got home Lidiya and her daughter brought us over some Tomato Soup - so sweet!
Acting like her doggies wanting to go outside!
Tuesday, November 5: Cardio class at the gym; lots of playtime at home and time with her favorite finger food, avocado!

Wednesday, November 6: Met a shopper at Nordstrom to finish out our Christmas shopping!; got Beckett her snowsuit for our upcoming trip to CO! Later that afternoon we visited the chiropractor, and we beeped over to Lidiya's to return her tomato soup container and she had us in for playtime (for Becks!) and a glass of wine (for me!). 

Thursday, November 7: Morning and afternoon at home (had an around-the-house little photo shoot with Beckett!), until gym for a long treadmill walk! Austin got home that night - yay!

Friday, November 8: Beckett turned 9 months old! We visited the gym for a cardio class, and then spent the afternoon playing and cooking!
Friday night bath fun!
Saturday, November 9: Pedicure with Lidiya, Celebrating Ben's First Birthday, Celebrating Andrew's 29th Birthday and an Auburn win!
Mamas and Babies with the Birthday Boy Ben & Mom Joleen! She did an AMAZING job on his 'Vintage Storybook' party - see pics here of the decor here!
Beckett wasn't entirely amused to be woken up for her nap and forced to take pictures LOL
Later she had fun playing with Lee - such cuties!
The second birthday boy, Andrew, and beautiful LA & Adorable Lee
Sunday, November 10: Family day! Austin's parents even came by on their way home from Athens and got to spend several hours playing with Beckett - so fun!

Monday, November 11: Gym for strength training class in the morning, pediatrician for 9-month appointment that afternoon!

Tuesday, November 12: Gym for cardio class; working on planning for Santa photo shoot; grocery store, drycleaners, and walgreen's!

Wednesday, November 13: Poodles got groomed! Went to Lenox Mall for the Macy's Pink Pig Train with my mom's group - Austin even got to come! Went to the gym that afternoon for a long treadmill walk.

Thursday, November 14: Gym in the morning, packing for Auburn weekend that afternoon, making TONS of baby food!

Friday, November 15: Boot shopping, off to Auburn for the weekend, Mellow Mushroom with Jimmy/Mary & Peter, hanging out with everyone at Teresa & Forrest's!

Saturday, November 16: Out at the tailgate by 8 a.m,; fun day with family and friends enjoying the cool fall weather. Becks did great! And so did Auburn - another win! We even got to see our UGA family!

Sunday, November 17: Drive home from Auburn then family day! We definitely didn't leave the house after a great, packed weekend with so much family and friends!

Monday, November 18: Surprise visit from my MIL! She drove over to see Beckett and spent the night with us! Before she arrived, we went to a strength training class. That afternoon the three of us went to Marshall's, Carter's, Babies R Us and Total Wine & More, then we did Beckett's bath and bedtime before having dinner and wine - great night!

Tuesday, November 19: Cardio class in the morning while Beckett stayed home with her Mimi, then a great afternoon just chilling with my little! She LOVES walking alongside the couch - adorable!

Wednesday, November 20: Strength Training Class in the morning, and then in the afternoon Sharon came to visit us! Great to see her - her little girl is due in just a couple weeks! Then we headed over to our neighbor Shana's house to meet her new 2-week-old daughter Marcella! She is the tiniest little newborn - Beckett was fascinated, but must more interested in playing with 2-year-old Billy who was very excited to show her his music kit, train table, yoga moves and books. Great visit with the Silva's!

Thursday, November 21: Lunch with my Comm team! Love these people so much, and enjoyed catching up with Billy, Leslie, Ali & Amanda at Nordstrom Cafe. That afternoon we cancelled the gym and instead went over to Sharon's to see Peyton's room and adorable clothes! Everything turned out so cute, of course! That night I started feeling funky and went to bed early, then woke up at 3 a.m. sick...

Friday, November 22: This day was spent in bed. With pedialyte. Austin had to take the day off work as I could barely even get back and forth to the bathroom - NOT GOOD. It seemed I had a stomach bug or food poisoning. Either way, I felt like I was going to die. Austin kept me as hydrated as my body would allow and I mostly slept all day and felt sorry for myself and missed my baby girl. :(

Saturday, November 23: I feel better. I can now sit up a little bit and keep water down. I still feel weak and am quarantined in case I am contagious - I would die if Beckett got this! So, Austin brought me a laptop and an iPad and a remote and I'm at least able to do more today than lay on my side and moan. Silver lining? haha I am very sad though as we had super fun plans for dinner and drinks for Shana's birthday, have had our favorite sitter lined up for 6 weeks and have been really looking forward to the night! BOO. Boo boo boo. I have no idea how long this will last but am definitely ready to feel better and see my family & friends again. Thankfully, my sweet poodles have been amazing company - dogs are the BEST.

K - I'm out. Hope you're all having better weekends than me - TRULY!! I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

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