Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Catch Up, Beer Fest, Weight Update

It is November. How? I mean, really. Time is flying faster than it did before I was a mom! I thought it would slow down and the days would be long - NOT the case! Anywho, backing up yet again . . .

Thursday, October 17: Nasty, rainy day where Beckett and I ended up spending the day going back and forth to Lexus getting 4 new tires. OUCH.

Friday, October 18: No Limits Cardio class at the gym, then a fun day with Beckett! We were both a little congested though - I was so nervous we were going to get sick but so far, so good!
Saturday, October 19: Visit to Andy & Monica's for the Texas A&M Game! Great to see Laura, who was in town from Florida, and their fun neighbors Jason & Emile. And of course always awesome to see Andy & Mon!!!
playing at the Blanco's!
Sunday, October 20: Family day! Did get out and attempt a Greenway walk with Sharon (but it went badly as Beckett is officially over strollers.... sigh!). That night Jamie and Sharon came by to help us put the glass on our desk - the office is REALLY coming together now - yay!
outdoor dining!
Monday, October 21: Austin left for Boston - BOO! Back to the gym for an ST class while Beckett visited with Miss Andrea in the Infant Room! That afternoon she did her first photo shoot with Mud-Pie thanks to Laura Anne's recommendation! It was on location in Buckhead - she wore an adorable bubble suit that will be in their Spring 2014 catalog - fun!
waiting to have her picture taken!
Tuesday, October 22: Back to the gym for the cardio class while Beckett visited with Miss Andrea and her little gym friends (10-month-old Dominick and 6-month old Faith - me and their moms work out at the same time almost every day - love seeing her play with these kiddos). Another full day with Austin in Boston - but me and Becks made the most of our girl day - I can see why he enjoys bathtime so much - she's fun!
happy bathtime baby!
Wednesday, October 23: Playdate picnic at the park with the mom's group! It was surprisingly cold, but Beckett still enjoyed swinging. And eating grass. Sigh! That afternoon we hit up the grocery store, and that evening Austin got home!
thanks for the pics, Joleen!

thanks for the pic, Sarah!
Thursday, October 24: Meetup with Stacy & Lola! We walked for a bit then threw down blankets and ate, chatted, and kept up with our little girls who were toddling and crawling everywhere!
Lola is only 5 months older than Beckett!
Friday, October 25: Back to the gym for a cardio class in the morning, then that afternoon she had another photoshoot with Mud-Pie - this one for a sleeping gown and a couple of bibs. No pics during shoot, but have a happy post-shoot shot!

me and my cutie!
Saturday, October 26: Time for our Beer Fest! I spent most of the morning cooking, then we drove Beckett over to my mom's for her first sleepover!! Then around 3 Sharon & Jamie came over early to help us set up, then at 3:30ish our friends starting arriving. SO much fun. Great group, good weather and fun football. I loved seeing our buddies and having a few drinkies. And while I missed Beckett terribly, I know it was good for her to have time with her Gigi, and I can't thank my mom enough for giving us a night to ourselves!
an early shot of our outdoor setup - I finished decorating but never took more pictures - grrr!


slider bar!
loved hanging with these girls!
I think the guys had fun, mostly hung outside watching football and playing cornhole or foosball!
Love these girls!
hanging outside beer tasting!
the night's winner and loser! :) (highest voted beer & lowest voted beer!)
Mon and Sharon made desserts! These were Sharon's fabulous pumpkin cookies!
Sunday, October 27: Woke up early missing Beckett! Cleaned up the house and visited with Tyson who had stayed over, then headed over to Decatur to visit with my mom and get our little girl! We got back home around 1, put Beckett down and began putting the house back together!
Love having my sweet sleepyhead back at bedtime!
Monday, October 28: Joleen and her 11-month-old cutie Ben came over early for a North American Bear reshoot, then Beckett took her morning nap and I cooked for the week -  a chili, a chicken salad, deviled eggs, etc. At 10:30 we headed to the gym for my strength training class and her time with her gym friends! Then I finished putting the house back together - ugh - I LOVE having get togethers but it sure throws a week off, ya know?!
rainy day indoor play!
Tuesday, October 29: I began REALLY researching flying with a baby. We are potentially taking Beckett on a weeklong family ski trip after Christmas, so I am trying to get in front of it to ensure (as much as possible!) that we have a good flight and fun visit. At 10:30 we headed to the gym for a cardio class, and then we spent the afternoon hanging at home!
loving that her hair is starting to get longer, curly and unruly - so cute!
Wednesday, October 30: Back to the gym again. I normally don't go on Wednesdays, but I knew Halloween was going to be a no-gym day so I went ahead and went to a great ST class. Then we just hung at home and during naps I continued researching Paleo recipes - I have definitely been less strict between Beer Fest and Halloween and am looking forward to refocusing!
Haven't finished editing Halloween so this is it for now! Things are going well. I will say I feel like I've been signing up for a bit too much and am TIRED! I want to refocus on gym + paleo so I can hopefully keep the weight loss up (have been at 133 lately!). I am still loving my time as sweet Beckett's stay at home mom and am just so happy to be here with this girl who is crawling everywhere, lifting up to standing, babbling constantly with lots of 'mamas' which are the sweetest thing to hear (especially after months of 'dadas' :)).

K - off to work on editing Halloween and have TONS of paleo recipes to post - excited to be updating today!!


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