Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weight Update, Becks Goes to Auburn & Models for North American Bear!

And time has marched on yet again! I'm not believing it's October much less the 17th! I took my car today for 4 new tires (ouch - anyone want to give me $1K? Anyone?) and while I was selling my soul signing the paperwork I was like "what is it the 11th?" He was like "no... the 17th" and I was like "shit!" And then he was probably judging me for saying shit in front of my baby girl. Anyway, backing up, yet again!

Wednesday, October 9: Me and Beckett went to a playdate at Catch Air! She really seemed to love it, and got to go down the slide (with me!), crawl around in tubes, visit the bounce house (with me!), etc. Great playdate with 10+ moms & kiddos! That afternoon we visited the chiropractor and then later the gym - I did a great Tabata workout on my own - woo!
Big Baby Girl in the ball pit all by herself!
Becks & her girlfriends Abby & Harper!
doing some light office work with Brittany while mom gets adjusted LOL

Thursday, October 10: Me and Beckett visited Sweet Tomatoes with Hanna and her daughter Abby and Ashley and her daughter McKenzie. The girls did great! So fun to talk with other moms whose baby girls are about 7 months ahead of Beckett - so much to learn! The rest of the day was spent around the house and at the park across the street - and Hanna stopped by to loan Beckett Abby's headphones!
Becks, Abby & McKenzie!
testing out abby's headphones!
Friday, October 11: Packing day! Time to take Beckett on her first trip to Auburn! So fun to take her there and get her some time with the Veloti & the Cardens!
time to get out my gameday purse!
Saturday, October 12: Game day! We headed out early and took Beckett out to the tailgate! She had a hard time getting to sleep for both naps, but eventually slept for both and did very well! We ended up taking her into the game - so fun!
morning playtime with Emma
Emma crowned Beckett!
Dads & their babies heading to the tailgate
one of many pictures of napping Beckett on campus!
Good times at the tailgate - she had lots of friends!
watching the game with dad
headphones during loud music parts, and who doesn't travel with a sophie?
post-game happy girl!
Beckett and Emma enjoying the tailgate
The ladies
Me and Beckett in the stands!
Beckett and her proud dad!
Sunday, October 13: Time to get back home! Got an early Eastern Time start back home and spent the day catching up, laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. Austin also installed the lights on the bookshelf - woo!
continuing to come along!
Guess I'm kinda running again? Was surprised when my body was like yeah, let's keep going! I was looking to do a quick 5 minutes.
Monday, October 14: I caught Beckett's crawl on film - woo! Big girl! That afternoon we went to the gym where my body said "I want to run" and I said "okay" then did some ST. That night I went for a quick trip to the grocery store sans Beckett then cooked 3 recipes!

Tuesday, October 15: Beckett participated in a photo shoot for North American Bear Company with Joleen! So fun - so far I have this adorable sneak preview shot - Joleen is so talented! We stayed and played with Chanel & her son Henry, then headed home for nap and playtime! That night I picked up Hanna and we headed to Mom's night over at Ashley's - she made so many great apps - wish I'd taken a pic! :(
Sneak peek from Joleen - more pictures from the shoot here!
Chanel captured these sweet shots of Beckett!
Becks & Henry!
Wednesday, October 16: To-Do day! Knocked them off left and right, visited my neighbor Shana who gave us materials for Beckett's Halloween costume, and went to the gym for a 1-mile run followed by a cardio/ST mix blast - good workout!

WOO - so that's what's been up here - lots and lots but it feels so good to be getting things done, especially before the holidays! And quick weight update - been 137 for about 4 days now... slowly but surely, right? At this rate I'll be in the 120's in 7 weeks - 1 pound a week?! I hope so - I will take it!

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