Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Holding Steady, New Bookshelves, Fun with Becks

Major catch up commences now - woo!

(Last!) Monday: Standard day with sweet Beckett! Can't get a picture of her without her o-ball or sophie. LOL Did an ST class and Becks had so much fun at the infant room!
ST cal burn
Tuesday: Great day with Beckett! Went to the gym for a cardio class (forgot my HRM - sigh!), and Beckett hit up the infant room again. After her afternoon nap, her Mimi arrived for a 4-day visit! And then her Dad got home early - lucky lady. Fun night in with the family.
Love those stripes!
Beckett, her Dad & her Mimi at the park
Wednesday: Day with Beckett and her Mimi! We hung out at home, then spent Beckett's mid-morning awake time at Ikea! That afternoon, we ran a few more errands. Towards the end of the day Beckett was visibly OVER her carseat. LOL That night, Michelle stayed with Beckett and me and Austin had dinner with Andy & Monica at Brooklyn Cafe. So nice to get out just the two of us, have some yummy wine and amazing crabcakes.
Sweet baby girl!
Thursday: Went to an ST class (and to the grocery store & drycleaners!) during Beckett's nap, then we had visitors: Austin's grandfather and friend Mary came over to have lunch with me and Michelle - Austin even came home from work to join us! We also had pressure washers visit (yay - house looks SO much better), and we ran a few more errands then Michelle planted flowers in the frontyard - Beckett supervised.
Still loving her bins 'o toys
ST burn
Planting flowers
Friday: Took another ST/Cardio class, this time with Hanna and Ashley! We all showed up unexpectedly - good to see them both! Afterwards Sharon told me and Michelle about this crazy organized neighborhood garage sale at the next neighborhood over, so me and Michelle loaded Beckett in that afternoon and Michelle got her a few things - 7 books, a bib, and an outfit for $9! Around 3:30 Michelle ended her visit - we were sad to see her go - such a great few days!!
Think I would have burned a lot more but the class was 50% step and OMG I had never done a step class (if I had I blocked it out, OR it was much easier and I forgot about it!) - I was clueless and painfully behind the group!
Me and Little Becks enjoying the beautiful weather
Dad's home! Time for family walk & a swing sesh
Saturday: I was entirely too sore for my morning Insanity, so I stayed home. Good thing, too, as the bookshelves arrived early! YAY! It took a couple of hours to install - so worth it - love them! Then we headed out to my Mom's to see her new apartment and help her move a few things. We had a great visit and my sis and nephew Dane even came by, and we got to visit with her good friend Steve! We raced home to get Beckett down for her afternoon nap, then hung out until around 5 when Melissa, Jon and their 3-year-old daughter Madison came over to visit! We stopped by the swings, had dinner and hung out and watched football - another Auburn win!
Bookshelves delivered
Monday: Starting to decorate . . . (desk is glass - staging it with a sheet of foam!)
Tuesday: And decorating continues - can't wait to finish up the room - it's coming together quickly!
Sunday: Cooking day! Made the list, visited the store and cooked tons of stuff - so fun! We had our usual great family Sunday - my favorite day of the week!
Beckett stayed in her PJs almost all day - so did we!
Monday: Office day! Spent all of Beckett's naps working on the study/playroom! Did make it over to the gym for an ST class and Beckett got her favorite Andrea at the gym!
ST Class
Tuesday: Beckett turned 8 months - omg - why is time marching on so quickly?! It's all so very bittersweet and makes me so weepy! We had a great day together, went to the gym for a cardio class with Hanna, played outside with her exersaucer and went for a long neighborhood walk (+ swinging!) in the afternoon - great day with my little one while Austin had a work event.
I thought I might die - ugh!
good times!
WOO - it's been fun but I definitely haven't been near a laptop - hard to stay caught up! I hope you're all doing great! I have been holding steady at 138 - no more loss but still doing great/feeling great on Paleo and now that my body is used to it again am finding i'm less hungry so hopefully I can lose this last 10 to 12 pounds - trying to stay motivated but of course enjoy the journey!!

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