Monday, September 30, 2013

Lots of Cardio, A New Weight, Fun with Becks, Yes, Crappy Things Happened

Happy Monday! I hope you all have wonderful, fun weekends ahead! I am exciting about my mother-in-law coming in town, a playdate, lots of fun cardio classes, a dinner out, my mom's move/new apartment and more! Lots of fun to look forward to, but in the meantime, backing up:

Wednesday: Rainy morning PJ fun; rainy afternoon playdate at the mall with sweet moms; incline walk and upper body ST at the gym that afternoon.
Gavin, Beckett, & Graham 
Playing in my PJs with my poodles
I think I ate two of these this day - breakfast and dinner - Paleo Omelets (egg, olive oil, sausage, mushrooms, garlic)
Short workout before braving the rain (again)
Happy girl at the end of the day - I love taking her pictures!
Thursday: Day off gym and Dad in Dallas means Beckett & Mom day! We stayed in our PJs and did lots of new activities, including 'pasta in a spice bottle' - she loves this noisemaker - and of course the ever popular 'choose your toy' from her little bins!
She helped us rid our pantry of carbs! LOL
I must test them all!
Friday: Beckett did some morning yoga, and then we went to the gym for a new cardio class called 'no limits cardio' - It was a shorter class which is good because I almost died - UGH! I swear these classes are like personal training.
Even cute when she's focused on mastering a new skill - love this baby girl!
Another killer cardio class
Saturday: Early morning family time, then I started my new Saturday solo ritual: Insanity Class, shower @ gym, gas, drycleaners, grocery stores and home to cook - WOO! Around 3 p.m. Monica & Andy came over for the UGA game, quickly followed by Andrew, Sharon, Jamie and later LA and sweet Lee, but they had to cut their visit short as Mr. Lee wasn't feeling 100% - poor guy! We had a fun day watching football outside, and mostly just visiting and eating too much - wish I'd taken pictures - grrrr! Beckett seemed to enjoy the company, practicing standing with Andrew and sitting on her blanket outside playing with Sharon - love to see her with our friends - so adorable!

Shot of me and my girl in the hallway while getting ready for guests! (she's a little more ready than me - standard!)
Insanity - ugh! On the heels of 'no limit cardio' I thought I'd really die!
Turkey, cheese, grapes, crackers & melon
guacamole and veggies/chips
bacon balsamic deviled eggs; buffalo chicken dip
Sunday: Did a lot of cleaning - ugh! Had a great family day and lots of Beckett 'free roam' time to practice her yoga/crawling. LOL I did make tons of stuff: Paleo hummus, almond butter, Paleo tortillas (with coconut flour and egg whites), and the list goes on - Austin helped a lot and even made an Indian Chicken recipe for this week - I think he enjoyed being back in the kitchen!
One of our paleo concoctions Fish Tacos: homemade tortillas, homemade enchilada sauce and homemade guacamole with tilapia
I'm coming for you, O-Ball
So yes, another wonderful week! Did crappy things happen? Sure - I stepped on a teeny tiny piece of glass last night and ended up having to go to the emergency walk-in clinic after several painful attempts to get it out ourselves (we thought it was a splinter... nope - a pointy shard of glass); our not-allowed-in-the-dryer mattress pad liner was accidentally put in dryer and is now ruined and since our sheets were in with it they were scorched/ruined; at the gas station the pump didn't turn off.... I paid an extra $10 to cover my car and the gas station cement in gasoline; I burnt my finger making an omelet; the TruGreen lawn people left our fence open and Reuben got out giving me a mile heart attack; we are STILL waiting on an ETA from the bookshelf people and have no resolution on the mailbox... I could go on and on! We all have annoying things that happen and while they suck (they do!) it's how we handle them and whether or not we choose to focus on that negative. I for one don't - normally I leave this kind of stuff out of my blog posts because, quite frankly, who wants to hear someone whine when things didn't go their way or as expected? Do I react strongly and negatively when they first happen? Yup - and I'm working on it because, let's be honest, when I look back at a great week they simply are only as significant as I make them - and there's so much more good than bad if you choose to see the good!!

Have GREAT days - I'm looking forward to mine, and to feeling great at my new weight (now 2 days) of 138!

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