Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weight Update, Fun with Sweet Beckett, Where Have Zoodles Been?!

How is it Wednesday? Time is flying but I can't complain! I am really enjoying my time with Beckett, and am loving seeing her hit so many new milestones. I mean really, last week she was kinda babbling and kinda sitting up - now she is all 'dadada' and 'hi' and sitting up and playing with bins of toys all by herself - it's amazing. I'm also enjoying getting more involved with these awesome moms - so fun to see Beckett chilling with other kids. And I'm still loving the gym - getting in lots of great workouts, meeting new people and Beckett just loves the infant room - Miss Andrea and team take such good care of her and it's like a playdate with other little babies - SO CUTE. Lastly, I'm loving Paleo - I think today is Day 10? It's running together and I'm finding it so much easier this time. Already in the 130's! Granted, 139, but still - I can feel my body changing and that my hard work is paying off! All in all, things are going great. Quick Recap!

Thursday: We had a trip to the swings and then a visit to the gym! My HRM chest strap wasn't working so no track, boo, but we had a good visit and I got a 2-mile incline walk and some upper body ST. When we got home Sharon had texted about a walk, so we went out with her from 5:30 - 6:30. Great to catch up and Beckett REALLY likes facing out in the city mini!
Happy girl before she fell asleep during the walk haha
Friday: We met Chanel & Henry at the park at 7:30 a.m., and had fun visiting with them and swinging of course! Later that day we visited the gym for a short 30-minute core class and then hit the grocery store for another week of Paleo.
can't get this girl to stop swinging - loves it!
Saturday: I got up early and went to Insanity - another day with no chest strap but another GREAT workout! Afterwards we all got ready and headed over to Stacy & Shane's for Lola's First Birthday! Great to celebrate and see sweet Lola, although I didn't get a picture - ugh! Then we headed home in the rain and I went to Shana's Baby Shower. She's having her second, a sweet little girl named Marcella - so happy for her and Bill. Then we rested and hung out all afternoon before heading over to Laura Anne & Andrew's new house for Auburn football! We got Beckett and Lee together which was just cute overload, and then the guys watched the game while me and LA caught up and watched a little. Love their new home and so glad they're now only 3 miles from us - yay!
partying at Lola's
beautiful decorations for a beautiful baby girl!
Becks and Lee pre-game and unsure if they're having fun or not. lol
Sunday: We stayed home all day - time for family day! I did head out during one of Beckett's naps to get a few thing I didn't know I needed at the grocery store, which resulted in 2 stores (annoying!) but short of that we spent the day at home with this girl.
When I got out of the shower and went downstairs, I couldn't find them! Austin had taken her high chair outside while he gardened for a few minutes. She was SO content just watching LOL
Monday: We had a great day with lots of play and sitting up and exploring bins of small toys. She is getting so big! We did go visit Monica for a couple hours and had fun seeing her and Reina, then it was back home and more fun, this time with our activity "table" (2 legs taken off until she can lift some!). Austin got home early and insisted I go to the gym since I hadn't made it yet - I obliged... I got there at 6 p.m. and class was cancelled - what?! Big boo. They saw me standing there all wtf and offered up a Boot Camp class (which I think costs money). I found myself doing 5 circuit exercises then running around the building, and repeating 4 times. No chest strap but GREAT workout!
She loves this thing! Especially the center book piece - she turns it over and over!
Tuesday: New chest strap came in - yay! Becks and I went to the gym and I took a Cardio Class with Ashley & Hanna. I picked up sweet Beckett an hour later and she was having so much fun with Miss Andrea sitting up with a bin full of toys next to another baby just smiling and sharing - SO CUTE. Love that Infant Room. That afternoon we ran out to use reward money that was about to expire - we got a Carter's hoodie and PJ for $4 after $10 coupon, a Graco Pack & Play Sheet for $2 after a $10 Babies R Us coupon, and a julienne peeler for $8 at Bed Bath and Beyond after a 20% off coupon - $14 for a peeler, sheet, PJ set and hoodie? I'm in! Then we got home and found a surprise - a gift in the mail from Beckett's Mimi and Poppa!
An adorable onesie and super soft pants from their recent trip to Napa! So sweet
Another awesome cardio class!
One reason why I needed a Julienne peeler - zoodles! Another great Paleo meal: Sausage Meatballs with Zucchini noodles - didnt't miss the carbs at all and do not know why, at 31, I'm just now experiencing zoodles - so much time lost! haha
WOO! Looking forward to another fun day - playdate at 11, gym this afternoon and of course the daily laundry, dishes, etc. that are just part of the gig!

Q: Ever had zoodles? If not, go! Get a zucchini and a peeler. Put zoodles in a bowl covered with a wet papertowel and microwave for 2 minutes then add a little sea salt and pepper. Amazing.

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