Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beckett's New Activity Area

I don't know if the term 'activity area' makes sense, but in my mind it's the place where Beckett will be creative! For now, it's a lot of play, but I hope that later it's where she'll do art projects, learn, craft, crayon, write, read, explore - ya know - all that good stuff. For now, she can't even sit in the chair... we have a ways to go. Here's some pics I snagged of it today! And please note, it's not done (e.g., the white board is a magnet board and isn't hung yet, I haven't put her magnet toys on it, the other rack isn't mounted yet under the bookshelves, etc.), but's it's really coming along! Also, I realize it's cluttered with walkers but this is the stage we are at right now!! 

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