Thursday, February 20, 2014

Top 10 New Mom Moments

Before I launch into several of the mistakes I've made as a new mom, here is a pic of happy Beckett. I swear she is happy despite having been a victim to my 'newmommyness'!
No, I'm not a horrible Mom. I swear. BUT I am new at this and make mistakes sometimes! Here is my Top 10 New Mom Moments - no doubt there will be many more but these are definitely some doozies I wish we had avoided. Poor girl! So glad she loves me anyway!

  1. Realizing that if you leave the cool mist humidifier on high facing the crib overnight everything, and I mean everything, will be soaking wet the next day. Poor girl! She was fine but it scared me so much seeing her crib, bedding, etc. all wet. Thankfully the sleep sack helped and, oddly, it didn't seem to bother her - just me!
  2. Finding that it's best to really really move those awesomely chunky thighs when you snap that car seat in. Yes, I pinched her little leg in once and felt awful. She cried like I gave her a shot - eek!
  3. Similar to thighs - really really move those awesomely chubby arms when you zip up the side zippers in her sleep sack OR put on something with long sleeves before zipping her in. Sleeveless tops + zippers in the dark is no bueno. 
  4. You cannot start tummy time early enough. I started after a couple weeks and apparently it was "almost too late." Thankfully she was fine after multiple 10-minute sessions a day starting at 3 weeks. She didn't have to do the helmet or anything but it took months of tummy time for her little head to shape out right.
  5. Discovering that eventually you do have to remove the newborn insert from the infant car seat. I didn't realize it was an insert. I thought it was padding. Nope. Poor Beckett was just spilling out of that sucker.
  6. Swaddle around arms not  around legs. Thankfully, we caught this early on and made sure to leave her plenty of room in the leg area!
  7. Check those folds often. Especially in the neck area and if you even think you might see red streaks go ahead and lather on some aquafor to avoid yeast!
  8. Similar to the neck area, do the same in the diaper area and keep that butt paste a flowin'.
  9. Always put a diaper on your kid. Don't get distracted when a friend is over and skip that step then wonder why baby girl is sad and "leaked" through her diaper when really she wasn't wearing one. SIGH.
  10. Don't just avoid doing something because you don't want to ask questions. Ask other mommies how to feed your kid on the go (snack trap!), what toothpaste to use (Tom's!), tips for flying with baby (list entirely too long to put in parentheses here!). Bottom line, as a new mom, I'm glad I embraced that 'newmomminess' and asked a lot of probably dumb questions whose answers made me feel like I kinda knew what the hell I was doing - so worth it!
So yes, despite my greatest effort I have definitely had some new mom moments and hope my sharing will help someone else avoid them! 
Love this special girl!

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