Saturday, March 8, 2014

15 Things I'm Loving

1. Crazy 8. I had never been before but if they want to give me this puffer vest for next season for $3.50 brand new I will be returning! Had no idea it was owned by the same peeps as Gymboree & Janie and Jack - wonderful and our salesperson was the nicest girl ever.

2. Shopping with my family. Cheeseballs on aisle 12 in Dick's Sporting Goods! Lately I've been saving a few errands for the family to go on together on the weekend, then we go for lunch - its nice and Beckett seems to really enjoy having us both there - she like looks back and forth smiling!

3. Walking in to see Austin and baby girl playing - it's adorable. We borrowed Henry's tent for Beckett's birthday but a snowstorm followed so we had it longer than expected. She loved playing in it with her dad - must go get a tent! 

4. Seeing baby girl use our furniture in surprising ways. Maybe I don't need a tent, baby girl seems to make our bar stools work as tents . . . 

5. Consignment sale shopping - seriously, all of this for $49:

6.  Reuben & Remy cuddling up with Beckett's toys. Usually they just leave them alone. However, if they squeak it's game over.

7.  Beckett's climbing - she gets so excited and squeals the whole time... although I hate her climbing and worry she's going to hurt herself!

8. Seeing Beckett play with the "big girls" in our neighborhood - she loves them so much and they are so sweet with her!

9. Seeing the sun pour into our front room - really, I'm just obsessed with this room and am spending so much time in it with the fam.

10. Facetiming with my baby girl - she loves it so much!

11. Seeing all of the wildlife in our backyard! We see this owl (and hear it!) almost every day, and this morning there was a deer walking around for several minutes - Beckett LOVED it - think she thought it was a big doggy.

12. Helping my future self. Exhibit A: posting reminders all over the house to make sure me and Austin fasted before our 'finger pricks' last week for his company to get preferred insurance - we tested great on cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.!

13. Bundling up for chilly outdoor walks! Still getting in lots of neighborhood walks with Beckett, and family walks with Austin, Beckett & the pups. I also get to walk with Sharon a good bit, too - or we'll go to the greenway so we can stroll with the girls side-by-side on the wide sidewalks!

14. Going out to eat with the family. We've been taking Beckett out a couple times a weekend, for lunches or early bird dinners at 5 p.m.  She really likes the people, the high chair, and just being at our level. She almost always makes besties with the server. 

15. Catching Beckett being silly - this happens a lot. She is a nut. 

getting inside her toy boxes
wearing her bathtime stacking cups as mini top hats

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