Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Weekend

I don't know about you guys but I try so hard to be happy. Even on those days when I'm like FML if one more bad thing happens I"m throwing in the towel, I stop and focus and try to be grateful, try to concentrate on what's going right and try to get outside as, even though I'm by no means an 'outdoorsy person', it's just so dang calming. Other times I don't even try to be happy because one wonderful thing happens after another - that was how thing weekend was - nonstop fun and celebration and joy. I love weekends like this, surrounded by friends who are family and family who are friends. This is how  all weekends should be!

Celebrating at my bestie Mon's baby shower
mom to be!
so happy!
Mary, Monica, Teresa & Me - hard to believe these friendships are in Decade #2
I made cookies to celebrate baby John!
The dad-to-be came and visited Austin for a while during the shower, and my sister rode over with me and visited after the shower for a bit - so fun to have a full, fun house! Reuben & Remy were especially excited that Cassie and Daisy visited!

Getting pedicures with my out-of-town besties Teresa & Mary, and Mary's little girl Emma

Love these girls! Look at little Emma in the back - hilariously cute!
Going out to eat with two of our longtime favorite couples from college and our babies

not so sure about their first date... haha Mike Mike's like "whateva" and Beckett's like "i'm on a WHAT?"
Seeing all of our kiddos play so well together in the morning = adorable.

Going to the park with the family! (seeing Reuben meet a little girl and actually make a friend!
Reuben's favorite friend was Sasha in the pink harness!
Having neighbors who are friends (or friends who are neighbors?) - whatever - meeting up with the Rollers at the park on Sunday evening!

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