Friday, April 18, 2014

What's Been Up

It's almost Easter - eek! Haven't posted in a while - eek!

Yes, she's not a baby anymore. I know I've watched it happen but now i'm chasing after a toddler going where did the time go?! Ah! At least she still has her baby swirl on her forehead that she's had since day 1 - heart that trademark Becks.

So what's been up? Lots! Mostly, I've been having entirely too much fun with the new Instagram shop!
@hercutecloset Instagram shop for girls!
I've had 4 sales so far and it's been a blast! I'm selling lots of Beckett's stuff, as well as fun finds here in Atlanta for girls up to 5T. It's been a fun thing to do and who doesn't love an excuse to shop?!

Other than that, I've been battling an awful stomach infection. True story. Turned out to be bacterial so I'll find out next week/bloodwork if the antibiotics have knocked it out - crazy!

I also spent my first weekend away from Beckett - a girl's trip to Miami with my three besties from high school! Good times for sure!

We think we have found our church! It's been on my list for so long to find a church near our home and now we've found one and Beckett did well in the daycare - yay!

home from church and happy!
Beckett's made so many neighborhood friends! It's adorable watching them walk around the playground together!

We visited Athens! Austin's parents got a new gameday condo so we went and checked it out - actually, Beckett has now visited twice as her and Austin did a daddy-daughter overnight trip with the family while I went to a 30th birthday dinner!

Other than that we've just been gymming, visiting with friends and having playdates, visiting with Austin's brother Tyler who just moved back from NY, and enjoying the warmer weather - park dates, walks, etc. All is well - hoping the warm weather stays!

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