Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 57: Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008 Assessment

Yesterday was a pretty good day! I woke up weighing 122.5 - .5 pounds less than the day before – yay! It’s been cold here but I’ve been all about boots/dresses so I went to work feeling great, just a little sore from kickboxing! (not as much as the time before). I got a surprise when I got there – my awesome co-worker Stace wanted to work out with me! Brought her clothes to do cardio with me at lunch and everything! The morning went good – then me and her went down and walked 3 miles together. Wow – it flew by chatting with her! She just bought a house so, while in retrospect I should have been picking her brain about the process, we had fun talking decorating!! We have similar styles! She even made an inspiration board for her den so it was fun to share.

For breakfast I had the usual, egg/Morningstar sausage muffin, and then I had my yummy pita/hummus snack! For lunch I had a smart ones (chicken parm – fave), then I had a granola bar and a couple of jolly ranchers in the afternoon. I thought about going to the gym after work… but decided to do abs/chest/tris at home… that didn’t happen… Instead I went to the grocery store and then me and Austin cooked fish, brown rice and mushrooms – YUM – and watched True Blood and Entourage from Sunday – SO GOOD – both!!! I got in bed and started tracking my food and realized that I was under calories by a little over 100. I don’t like to be under, so I had a treat! Austin got us each a kashi cookie and one cup of skim milk – SO GOOD! Here's the details: What I Ate Today. I was good on calories, fat and carbs!

Sorry this post is a little sterile… and pretty non-pictureish. I had a very, very rough day today…. so it’s hard to even look back at what a great, positive day I had yesterday. I will say I tried to try something new – spaghetti squash! I was so excited, but unforuntaely I did it incorrectly and it tasted crunchy so we couldn’t eat it – SAD. I’m going to try again though! Stacy gave me another way to do it (baking) so I’m trying this weekend. She tried the buffalo chicken sandwich and her and her boyfriend loved it! She even brought leftovers to work today and made another sandwich. :)

K- I’m out – I’ve got to let this day go away… Hope you all had better Wednesdays than me.


hannah katherine said...

hey you! what's going on? did something happen at work? i'm sorry your spaghetti squash didn't turn out well. i love it and i do the baking method, just cutting it in half (length-wise), scooping out the sides, baking it with the inside down (does that make sense), with holes poked in the flesh at 350 until when i stick a fork in it, it is really soft. i put spaghetti sauce on it and treat it as if it's noodles. i can't quite convince my husband to try it, though : ) i hope today is better for you.

Bikini Envy said...

Eeep sorry your day didn't go to well. Hope you're having a better Thursday. It is, after all, Pre-Friday :)

fittingbackin said...

Hey! Yeah... Looonnnggg story short: I just kind of hit rock bottom at work. You know how things can bug you... then it gets worse... then you get to a point where you're just frustrated to tears? That was me yesterday... so I decide to go to dance class to refresh and they say my pass has expired (I didn't know they expired - no one had ever told me and I didn't sign anything). They were rude to me and basically I was out $160 for 16 classes i didn't use and they wouldn't work with me or anything (it supposedly just expired last month). It was awful and i'd driven across town to do it and was meeting my sister and friend there and i was just like OMG - WHY is today so bad?! I left in tears but my night got better though... long shower then poker night was fun and there's nothing like hanging out with a bunch of dudes to make you forget about stuff. :)

thanks for the idea!! This is very, very helpful!! haha I hear you - Austin said it looked good but he was scared.

Thanks again - today is better. :)

Hey BE - haha I like that pre-friday. Today is much, much better. Thanks!! I'm thinking about not even posting about the whole day... don't want to relive it - ha!