Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 61 and 62: Saturday, Nov. 1, and Sunday, Nov. 2, Daily Assessments

So Saturday I woke up EXHAUSTED. Reuben hadn’t slept a wink (we slept over at the Halloween party at Mary and her boyfriend’s house!) so I was BEAT! We got up and got home and I got in bed! Austin cooked these yummy burritos.
I lounged around then started to get serious- on the blogging/house hunting! Yay! We both got to work (Austin looking more at houses; me looking more at ‘how to reface cabinets’ and ‘how much to budget for paint’, etc.). We worked up an appetite so I ate more of that yummy Thai kitchen pad Thai – sooo good! I added chicken (cooked in garlic salt) so it was much more filling.

After lunch we decided to take it to the streets! We wrote out addresses to numerous houses we wanted to see, put on Reuben’s jingle (his collar), grabbed the GPS and hopped in the convertible to ride around on a BEAUTIFUL day. We hit up a suburb looking for neighborhoods we liked and found several… but only one that may have been us. (Yes, we’re picky). We got back home HUNGRY and tired so I had some 100-calorie chips ahoy bites and made this dinner (Gorton’s Cajun fish with brown rice and mushrooms).

Then we split a beer… then we rehashed the day… and I had some pretzels…. and then we passed out! So it was a great day! While I didn’t work out (and totally meant to) – I did keep it in check with 1,354 calories, 37 fat grams and 195 carbs – all in my REC zone! Here’s the details: What I Ate. I took more pictures of what I ate, too – yay!

Sunday I woke up well rested and feeling fabulous. I immediately got in the computer and started hunting again! Then I took a break and cleaned the pantry… and under the kitchen sink… and my closet… Then we took off again for another suburb (bringing along Reuben again of course – we’d never begrudge him of a trip in Austin’s car- he LOVES it). This time we had less luck mostly because this area was HUGE so it was kind of overwhelming. We did find more specific neighborhoods we liked and feel better the more homework we do so that’s good! I didn’t take ANY food pictures (I know, shame.) But mostly it’s because I ate old favorites (i.e. jimmy deans, muffin pizzas, etc.). All in all I had 1,333 calories, 21 fat grams and 200 carbs – so fat was under but everything else was in line! And again… SHAME… I didn’t work out. Eek! Now I have LOTS to do since I leave for Vegas TOMORROW. Oh no! Here’s the details: What I Ate.

As far as weight I weighed 123.5 BOTH days…. Blah. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for some maintaining… but I want to LOSE! :) (don’t we all?) Anyway –not a bad weekend AT ALL and I felt great!!

And today, Monday, Nov. 3, I was down a half pound to 123…. But I wasn’t aware of daylight saving time so I got to work at 7 a.m. like a big dummy. Yes, I’m going to try to leave at 4 p.m. And SAD – my meeting ran over so I couldn’t go to the gym during lunch – YIKES – now I have LOTS to do. And I have to pack… Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Yeah to maintaining! Sometimes that is half the battle!

Happy house hunting!

My brother lives in Austin and loves it!

fittingbackin said...

:) Thanks so much!!

ha - thanks - I need it. So much work.... Wow!

hannah katherine said...

Vegas? Yay for you, lucky girl!

fittingbackin said...

:) I'm going for work! Out tomorrow, back on Thursday - I hope I have a great visit! We're staying right on the strip - YAY!

Big Pissy said...

Enjoy your time in Vegas!

Take lots of pictures for me! :)

fittingbackin said...

:) Thanks so much!!

ha - thanks - I need it. So much work.... Wow!