Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 151 & 152: Lazy Sunday, Tired Monday & Wedding Pics on the Way

Sunday went exactly as planned! I did very, very little and bummed around until about 7 when we headed to Kroger and Trader Joe’s to stock up for the week. When we got home we decided not to cook, and just had sandwiches/chips – YUM! But we DID cook a few meals for the week: 4 servings of chili, 4 servings of egg/back/cheese mix for breakfast sandwiches, 3 servings of a new bean/egg/salsa mixture for breakfast wraps, 2 servings of blackened chicken and 2 servings of “fried” rice. WOO! I was beat – but not too beat to finally catch up on Ugly Betty & Grey’s Anatomy. Hmmm. Loving Ugly Betty – so freaking cute and I love how Betty is kinda getting tight with Mark & Amanda! Grey’s… I just don’t know. That storyline with the deathrow dude TOTALLY creeped me out… like I had nightmares! Wow. It seems the Denny deal is about to end – what does Izzy have? A tumor? Anyway – glad to be caught up – Grey’s has gotten much better than it was 3 episodes when I went on hiatus and Betty has stayed cute! So I went to bed late and ended up at 1,357 calories, 170 carbs and 43 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.

Yesterday I was exhausted. Blah. I did manage to eat a YUMMY bacon/egg/cheese sandwich, Austin’s fab chili for lunch a few yummy snacks (including 6 hershey’s kisses – eek!). I also got in 3.5 miles of cardio at lunch, and 2 miles + chest + triceps after work – awesome! When I got home we heated up the blackened chicken pasta and CHILLED – watched a few 30 Rock’s then got to work on the disclosure making notes that concerned us. We sent it off to Amanda and passed out! I ended up at 1,536 calories, 179 carbs and 38 fat grams – not bad! Here’s what I ate.

Today has been a great day so far! I woke up much more well rested than yesterday and ready to get some stuff done. Breakfast was a new concoction per an idea from Dailygoods. She made this awesome breakfast burrito with black beans, eggs and all of this fabulous stuff then grilled it on a George Forman! I made mine a little different and want to work on it a bit more before posting the recipe! It was yummy… but off somehow. I’m going to get to the bottom of it – and likely end up copying her! (didn’t have the ingredients on hand). Anyway – stayed busy all morning, walked 3 miles at lunch and then had my chicken fried rice. Glorious. Now I’m eating 4 Hershey’s kisses – YUM. Will post tomorrow about today’s eats – and I’m going to post some wedding pics (maybe all my favorites!) in celebration of my one-anniversary coming up in less than 13 days! (2/16). Hope you’re all having fabulous days! I can't wait to get to the gym after work and then get home! It's REALLY cold here - blah. And I've GOT to start posting what I eat - i'm so excited!


hannah katherine said...

early congratulations on the one year anniversary! are you two doing anything special?

Anonymous said...

congrats on your anniversay! how exciting :) and yayy you tried the burrito, you'll get it just perfect the next time, don't worry! yummm theyre good!

Neesha and Dustin said...

I love how you guys plan your meals and stick to them. I'm terrible at that. I just buy a ton of stuff and try to work em all into our meals. You are one organized chica!

And Happy Anni!

Kelly Olexa said...

That breakfast concoction sounds delicious!! MMM great idea! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was just about to write that I was really impressed with how organized you are and I saw that someone else already wrote it!

I am still very impressed.

Anonymous said...

Also, do you go to the Trader Joe's in Midtown? I wonder if we've been there at the same time.

Big Pissy said...

Wow! I can't wait to try some of you great food! It all sounds so tasty!

Can't wait to see you! :)

fittingbackin said...

HK: Thanks, girl! Most likely dinner - ever since the Mexico trip fell through and we were so dissapointed and then this buying-a-house stuff crept up we think this year may be a low-key one!

DG: Thanks!! I did - I just need to make it just like you. I got confident, dailygoods - I must stick to the recipe! hehe

Neesha: We DO - we're not afraid to switch it up but it's easier to just stay on track. I should post the month of February! haha I was that way but I used to get sad when food spoiled! haha I can be really cheap... :)

Kelly: You must go see Dailygoods - it looks AMAZING!

In my tummy: aw thank you! I love being organized - always have. I asked for a type writer in elementary school and a rolltop desk "for the cubbies." This goes way back! hehe I go to the one in Buckhead off Peachtree next to Moondogs - it's pretty new. If i'm up near work I go to the one off roswell above 285!

Pissy: I can't wait to see you too! We need to discuss when we can hang out and what we're going to do!