Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Book Review, 10K Training, TV Talk

Thanks you guys!! I agree - it's not selfish, it's necessary to ensure that you take care of yourself and like you said, that you have fun at the events you can go to - love it! Austin said don't be surprised if we still end up going, but we'll see - right now I see PJ's, productivity and chill time! Thanks for hearing me out, sharing your 'hey it's okays' and for the support!!

So Sunday on the way home I finished James Patterson's The Beach House. I give it a 5/5 - hand's down. Loved it. It was basically a story of a boy who goes home to bury his 21-year-old brother who committed suicide. Or did he? BUM BUM BUM. It then has so many twists and turns as he discovers far more than he wants to about his brother, his town, his girlfriend, and more. It was really a shocking book that, to me, read like a Law & Order book complete with courtroom drama and then some. Yes, there was a part where I was like WOW, can't believe they're doing this, but they situated it in reality and made it make enough sense for me to go with it. Great book, and I recommend it for those who like mysteries. There is a bit of, let's say, gruesomeness, so know that the descriptions to some parts are a bit vivid.

On to yesterday, in a nutshell:
  • Work.
  • Walked 4 miles during lunch.
  • Work.
  • Walked 1/2 mile after work and ran 3 miles (at 6.3 mph). Not going to lie, the 3-miler is getting... dare I say it? Easy.... er. I just feel much more comfortable. Love it.
  • Went to the dealership to get my floor mats. After checking to ensure they were there. Twice. They lied. The mats weren't there. I left pissed and they said would deliver by Friday. Um, yes, you will because i'm not going back to your unorganized dealership.
  • Watched some new fall shows - couldn't make it through Hawaii Five-oh, loved HBO's Boardwalk Empire - believe it will be a favorite and thought Mike & Molly was cute - love Melissa McCarthy.
  • Chilled out with the fam and continued my side project: recipe organization. oy.
Q: What new shows are you loving? So far... Boardwalk Empire. I'm going to watch some tonight - The Event, Lonestar and something else?

Q: Any side projects/organization projects you have going on right now? Mine is just the recipe organization - can't wait to finish!


Erica said...

Sounds like a cool book! It takes a lot for a book to keep my attention (Im just not a reader ;)) but this sounds like it could! Hooray for 3 miles becoming EASY! That is awesome. You'll rock the 10k.

Jenny said...

The only side project I have going on is the guestroom- this has been my side project for awhile now, needless to say. haha! But I have a rug....and the wallpaper (accent wall), so I finally have direction at least.

Tyler said...

I LOVE James Patterson! My dad, sister, and grandma share the same love, so we swap books a lot. I'm can't wait until 3 mile runs feel easy for me! That will feel amazing! That's what I love about running, you can always improve and really test yourself.

Tami said...

I have not been watching much tv. I am working on Fall cleaning right now, cleaning out the pantry and getting reorganized.

Pam said...

The book sounds interesting... I'll put it on my list to read.

amanda said...

one of my patients at work was talking about boardwalk empire yesterday. he was saying how good it was. hbo, they never disappoint.

your description of the beach house has me intrigued. mmmm. maybe i'll pick it up and add it to my list of reads!

good for you for knocking those miles out easily. such a nice feeling of accomplishment!

Winnie Namatovu Lubega said...

I am interested in the seeing the show "Love Bites" on NBC with Becky Newton. Not sure if it will be any good.

The only project right now is working on my new blog and taking the time to actually be consistent with it.

Biz said...

I didn't like Mike & Molly for some reason, but LOVED Boardwalk Empire.

I also need to see on Hulu because I thought I taped it, but I wanted to see Raising Hope on Fox.

Of course, so happy Glee and Modern Family is back!

Okay, I haven't read a novel in years, but based on your recommendation . . . BUM BUM BUM I will see if its at my library!

Thanks for the literary kick in the ass! :D

Kelly Olexa said...

That book looks awesome. I've seen his books all over the place but never tried it. Girl- you have gotten me to read so much more with your lovely reviews!! Thank you!! Plus you being this kick butt planner just blows my mind all the time!
;-) Keep it up!

Jenny said...

The only side project I have going on is the guestroom- this has been my side project for awhile now, needless to say. haha! But I have a rug....and the wallpaper (accent wall), so I finally have direction at least.