Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm an Aunt!

My lack of posting yesterday was for a VERY good reason - my sister and bro-in-law had their perfect, 9-pound, 4-oz., little boy, Dane Harrison Porter, yesterday! No, I don't have pics yet - I left that to the the father/photographer extraordinaire! But, speaking of him, here is one of him the waiting room right after baby Dane was born. He's such a proud dad already!

And, as a refresher, here are the happy parents a couple of weeks ago!
So yes, as you can imagine, baby Dane has:
  • a cute, tiny nose
  • beautiful creamy skin
  • perfect little rosy cheeks
  • and a head full of dark hair!
He's also SUPER chill, is doing well, nursing well, takes to feet pricks well and is just an all around wonderful little guy. I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM. So yesterday I just worked, walked 3.5 miles during lunch, worked more and then raced home to get Austin, eat dinner and then head to the hospital. He was born around 7:30 p.m., we saw Zach and then the waiting game commenced. We didn't get to see him until super late, but of course it was worth it. He was just the chillest thing - I was holding my sister's perfect little baby within HOURS of his birth. TOO COOL. Loved it - couldn't wait to go back for more. I got home SUPER late and didn't sleep much but again, SO worth it. Can't wait for the pro shots from Zach - eeeee!

Q: Have you ever held a new born?! It was just like this baby human who I already love so very much. I can't wait until he gets home to his nursery and gets settled in - the nursery is ADORABLE. In fact, here are some pics of it courtesy of Zach.

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