Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patty's Beer Fest: The Eats & The Good Times

Me and Austin had an ABSOLUTE blast having our friends over to celebrate St. Patty's via a Beer Fest. Teresa & Forrest got in around 1:30 p.m., we finished up the food and beer/ice prep then everyone started arriving around 3 p.m. The weather was BEAUTIFUL - perfect weather to spend the day outside, sunny and no rain. Here's some pics:


I made my Mediterranean menu - with a few new ones mixed in!
herbed Greek chicken salad and marinated mushrooms
part of the spread

two pasta salads; one meatless
desserts - here is the cookie recipe!


beer registration
me and austin
Cornhole time
Loved seeing my T & Mar - so sweet of them to come in town!
more corn hole
Austin loved his new set
Lincoln won best beer (prize = apples to apples) and Mary won worst (prize = Twilight Scene It LOL)
austin tallying up the scores
The boys
The ladies. Danielle - where were your sunglasses? :)
Beer tasting
Flip cup ladies (i.e. winners! well, sometimes)
We're celebrating again off to the side haha
Another winning team shot once we got the boys playing
All of the preggers came later on to visit with us - so good to see them all! They're all having boys - all due between March 17 and May.
Danielle, me and Stacy on the couch - we finally stopped laughing to take this pic!

SUCH a fun night. We are so happy that our friends came up and over to celebrate. It was also great to see the puppers, Sadie, Daisy & Cassie - Reuben and Remy loved the company! This was our second annual beer fest - i'm already looking forward to the next one!!

Q: Have you ever been to a beer fest? I love it - such a great opportunity to taste and find new beers. The winner was Longboard - i'd never even heard of it but loved it. I also found a new favorite in Abita.

Q: How did you spend your Saturday? Did you have good weather?

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