Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two (more!) new Dresses, Running Again, Body Pump, New Meatless Breakfast Recipe

Hola! Happy Sunday- we're LOVING our chill weekend in town. BEST ever. Don't get me wrong - we love to travel; celebrate at weddings/birthday parties/baby showers/etc. ; throw parties; go to concerts; etc. - BUT, sometimes there's nothing better than a weekend with no pre-planning, all chill. Fabulousness.

So Friday I worked, had a meeting over lunch, and ran for the first time since December. Yes, I decided that the problem wasn't running. It was only running, and doing no other cardio. My podiatrist said, "mix it up and don't run too much." He didn't say, "no more running - only spinning." Heck, knowing my luck i'd get a spinning injury if I only did spinning. So me and Stacy hit the gym at 5 and did 4 miles like this:
  • walked 3/4 mile at 4 mph
  • ran 1/2 mile at 6.3 mph
  • walked 1/2 mile at 4 mph
  • ran 1/2 mile at 6.3 mph
  • walked 1/2 mile at 4 mph
  • ran 1/2 mile at 6.3 mph
  • walked 3/4 mile at 4 mph
It took 52 minutes. However, I didn't set my HRM the whole time. boo. I started recording 4 minutes in, at 48.33 minutes. However, in that time, HRM said: 334 calories burned; 17.28 fitness minutes and 31.05 fat-burning minutes; average HR 139; maximum HR: 179. NOT BAD! It felt great to run again, even if it was just "spurts" instead of "35 minutes straight." Truthfully, each half mile my body was like let's go longer... do it! But I was like no, let's spin tomorrow and run again Monday! :) Play. It. Safe. I LOVE running again though - EEEEE!

After my workout I raced home and DANG - WHERE WAS MY PHONE? At the gym. Sigh. So Austin rode over with me to get it, toured my parent company's office/gym, then toured my office (awesome new building!), then we hit up Urban Outfitters together. We went for Austin. He found a coat and a t-shirt. I perused the dresses and low and behold if I didn't find two more dresses. I know. Shame. But they were SO cute and on fabulous sale!

I got this one for $30... it's online for $70... YES - $40 saved (or $30 spent if you're a boy half-glass empty)
And no - I won't wear a belt or tights with mine. It's a great dress without! We have one wedding each April, May, June and July - it will get worn to one!

And BOO I couldn't find the other one on UO! So here is it with me wearing it - yes, i'm cheesy (but you already knew that!). Originally $60 - on sale for $20 - it's called an 'apron dress' because the top layer is separate but attaches with a drawstring on the sides!
No... I don't normally stand awkwardly to the side like this - but wanted to show you the detail I love - the cute little buttons up the sides, and the draw strings! So you can make it as loose or as tight as you want.

Saturday was pretty chill. I got up early and went to an 8:30 a.m. Body Pump class. HRM said: 50 minutes; 238 calories burned; 43 fat-burning minutes; 7 fitness minutes; 116 average HR; 151 max HRWe did the paperplates lunges again. Oy. And lots of dips, push ups and squats. I noticed we didn't do much biceps or shoulders - so I'll do those on my own.
After the class I took a nap. I never take naps. It was glorious. Then I read through some magazines and cooked some new recipes. Then it was off to Five Seasons Brewery for Date Night with the Prances! We had so much fun hanging out with Jason & Crystal, having some drinks, talking about everything from work to family. We even played cornhole at the bar - gotta love Georgia. hehe Great night, but sadly no pics - DANG!

So before I get back to my lazy Sunday, here is another new meatless recipe - my first one for breakfast!

Pasta Breakfast Pie
Makes 4 Servings
Recipe adapted from Cooking with My Kid

Nutritional Information: 348 calories, 38 carbs, 11 fat grams and 24 protein grams.

whole pie!

Q: Have you ever had pasta for breakfast? This is my first time! But I love this dish and think you could definitely have it any time of day!

Q: Do you run and spin? If so, how do you schedule it? Any help would be great!

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