Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Building my Runs, New Shrimp Recipe

Happy (almost) hump day! Thanks for your sweet comments about my goals! I think April went well - pumped about May too though! Not going to lie - my Tuesday kind of felt like a Monday in the a.m. (i.e. I woke up late, found myself in traffic, missed spin class, out of conditioner, forgot my hair brush,, etc.). There WAS a happy moment though - even though I was late for spin, I went to the gym anyway and I ran. My goal was to run 1.5 miles straight (still building) BUT the run felt good so I decided to go for 2. I ended up running 2 miles straight at 6.3 mph - felt great! I then walked it out for a half mile to get to 2.5 miles in 26.19 minutes.

Had I just walked this at my normal pace, it would have taken me 37-38 minutes, and I wouldn't have gotten my HR up nearly as much!

Backing up to yesterday, not too much was up. Just worked, worked through lunch, worked more, then headed straight home to my family! We had a crackers/cheese/pepperoni snack, watched TV, then had dinner - chicken cordon bleu casserole. Yum. I also watched Make it Or Break It. The show is dealing with some pretty heavy stuff right now (i.e. pregnancy, abortion, sex, etc.). Don't get me wrong - I feel i'm of age for sure, but was kind of surprised because I think this targets girls a bit SO much younger than me. Anywho - after the show I got ready for work/gym/eating and went to sleepy. Before leaving you guys I totally forgot to post this! We had it last month and LOVED it.

Adapted from a Dinners for a Year and Beyond Recipe
Makes 4 servings

Nutritional Information: 360 calories, 44 carbs, 5 fat grams and 30 protein grams.

Yum! Because of the 'fire' in those tomatoes it had more of a Cajun thing going on - almost like a jambalaya. Austin actually put some hot sauce on his! It was great and reheated well. I also like the low calorie and fat counts on this, especially since it made so much food and was so filling. See the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

Q: Are you a shrimp and rice kind of girl? I am - so glad to be back on the seafood again - tis finally the warm weather I need in order to crave seafood.

Q: Do you require a hairbrush? Conditioner? Without conditioner (and the fact that I'm due a haircut) my hair gets tangly. ew. Now the hairbrush? Blowdrying without it? Awkward. Had to go with the finger combs. OY.

P.S. I went swim suit shopping with my sister before book club. OY. More on my new swimsuits and book club tomorrow - great night but wow... I forgot how much I hate swim suit shopping!

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