Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Swimsuit Shopping, Girl Night

Hola! Happy Wednesday indeed! I hope you all had great days - mine wasn't too shabby. Highlights:
  • Austin came back from Tennessee - woo! (was there on an overnight work trip)
  • I started my day out with less traffic than normal and a Starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte - yessssss.
  • I used my lunch break to walk 3 miles and do biceps and triceps.
  • After work I headed straight to the gym for 35 minutes of spin, a 1/4 mile walk and a 1.25-mile run.
  • GREAT to get home and see Austin and the puppers - lovely day indeed.
Looking back at yesterday: So after my a.m. work-out (2-mile run; 1/2 mile walk) I just worked, then went back to the gym at lunch for a 2.5-mile walk and back/chest - not bad! Then after work I headed straight to Nordstrom (my favorite department store; well second only to Macy's, the mothership). Devon (my sis!) met me there and we looked at clothes for Dane then I went to try on swimsuits. Ah, nothing like a platform, 360-degree mirror and fluorescent lighting to make you want to chuck it all and eat a stack of pizzas. I tried on about 10 and while I absolutely confirmed my weight gain/problem areas, I did walk away with four new suits. Yes, 4. In my defense, I hadn't bought a "nice" swimsuit since my two Tommy Bahama's in 2008. (note: I find that designer swimsuits, much like designer jeans, fit me SO much better so i'm willing to spend the extra money, especially since I have 3 back-to-back beach/lake trips in May to kick off the season). Anywho, here are the new suits:

Ralph Lauren ruffle suit. I loved the coverage this suit offered and the ruffles were pretty to me! It even has a tiny horsie under the ruffle - cuteness. Only bad thing - it doesn't tie in the back. This is good for laying out (and it does adjust) but I worry it was snug - even though I went up a size. Must get Austin's opinion!

Lucky Brand tie-died suit. I LOVED the tie-died nature of this suit and all of the ruffles/rujing was very flattering. I think I liked this one better in person. Also, I did not get these bottoms - I got the ones below but in this purple/white color!
bottoms I got! I LOVE the rujing on the side. These felt great and fit great. I didn't even know Lucky made swimsuits - SCORE!

Betsey Johnson "not a suit" suit. I mean really - could this suit be any less functional cuter? I LOVE the detail with the ribbon flower and jewels on the top and little flirt skirt. Also, it came with an adjustable strap that hooks on each side and goes around the neck - CUTE. Devon found this one while I was checking out and I had. to. have. it.

Tommy Bahama classic suit. Forgive the scary mash up I did below. Basically, I bought the black skirt (love it!) and the Tommy top in a different print to mix and match. I will say that while I LOVE the skirt i'm debating on the top. It was just a little pricey and I feel I could mix any top with a black skirt - or multiple tops - so the top may be going back to the store (well, once it arrives at home - that's the other problem - I didn't get to try on my size).
Make and Model cover up. Devon found this one too - so classic and it fit great. Had a built in bra too. There is a good chance this "cover up" will be a dress I wear EVERYWHERE. I loved it - so comfortable and if they had had it in more colors it could have been dangerous.

So yes, I bit the bullet and did all of my shopping in 30 minutes, had my sister's advice on hand, and bought 4 suits. I SO hope Austin doesn't think the blue/ruffle one is too tight - it's so pretty and the cheapest - GRRRR. Also, I'll have to decide on that Tommy top. Either way - Betsey and Lucky are good to go - WOO! And the cover up will be so nice!

So after swimsuit shopping, me and Devon headed over to The Grape at Phipps to meet Stacy and Monica for book club! I had SUCH a great evening talking with three of my besties about everything from babies to jobs. Love those girls. Thanks for the pic, Stacy!

Yes, we talked about the book and that's always nice, but really it's just great to get together with friends. Everyone is so busy so a Tuesday night suited us great, and I was still home by 10 so not too shabby!

Q: Assuming you're a girl, do you have 'girl nights' regularly? What do you like best about them?

Q: Where's your favorite place to shop for swimsuits? What is your favorite brand? My favorite is probably Tommy Bahama - classic, great-cut suits. I tried on Michael Kors and they fit well, but weren't my favorite patterns. Betsey is INSANELY fabulous but too expensive - eek (this one was found on sale - which was still $160). I also like Target suits (but the bottoms never fit right) and Banana Republic (I have two great suits from their outlets that fit nice - very classic).

I'm actually loving the Lucky suits too - if I had to get another (which clearly I don't and won't) I'd go check theirs out. Reasonably priced too (Lucky was $130; Ralph was $105; Tommy skirt was $71... if I keep the top that suit rockets up to $170... I think I just made my decision - the top is going back!) And the cover up was on sale - only $30, and again - this is likely going to be a new dress. I mean really! haha

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