Monday, May 2, 2011

Movie Reviews, April Goal Review, May Goals

Sounds like you guys all had great weekends! I've gotten to almost all of your blogs and they looked like good weather and good times! Mine was great and my Sunday was SO nice! Well, the bad part was that I woke up way too early due to major tummy cramps and my allergies were so bad I must have sneezed 100 times easily, BUT, I had a nice day with my family! We left Auburn early, visited in the car, stopped by sister's to see her, Zach and baby Dane. He's SUCH A LITTLE CUTIE - love seeing him and their little family doing so well. Afterwards we headed home, sold our couch (thanks, Craigslist), started laundry and napped. Lovely. Then it was movie time.

Groundhog Day: I'd never seen this or thought about it, however, the book club book I read for tomorrow's meeting, Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall, made me think of it. Basically, in the book the girl lives a day over and over again and as I was reading reviews online of it after I read it people kept referring to Groundhog Day. I happened to see it 'on demand' and Austin loves it so we watched it. I thought it was cute! A bit repetitive, pun intended, but it was cute, sad and had a good message. It ended a bit abruptly but I liked it. And I didn't know Andie MacDowell was in it - and with a country accent no less. Good to see her and Bill acting together!

Red: OMG I loved this. Red, or 'retired extremely dangerous' followed Bruce Willis, a retired CIA agent who is brought back in the game quickly when an assassination attempt on his life goes awry. He soon reunites with others all while trying to figure out who wants him dead and why. I thought it was hilarious! Such a cute movie, Bruce did great, and I loved Morgan Freeman's role, too. Really, NO ONE got on my nerves. Great movie and i'd watch it again (and may tomorrow!).

Q: Have you seen either of these movies? If so what did you think? If not, please go watch Red - SO cute!

Other than watching movies, I reviewed April's goals - not too bad! In April I:
However, I did not: buy new items for the master bedroom (tried - had no luck; will try again in May); try out a church (oy; too many out of town Sundays - am planning on going in May!); finish last 2 2010 videos (nope - MUST do this!). All in all, a great April! Here are my goals for May! (one is already partially done seeing that we sold the couch on May 1 - woo!).

Q: How was your April? Reach any goals?

Q: What are you goals for May? Which are you looking most forward to? I'm looking most forward to trying out a church and to completing more things around the house!

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