Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Lake Trip

SUCH a great Memorial Day lake weekend! We left town Friday afternoon with the pups in tow, and headed straight to Ruje and Mark's lakehouse for a weekend with them, Nick, Mary, Scott and even more pups (Bear, Osie, Chico, Blue, Matty and Johnny - yes tons of dogs. hehe). In a nutshell, we spent a lot of time on the boat, played games, had a pupper photo shoot, listened to music, ate yummy food, grilled out, and relaxed in the awesome sun the entire weekend! Here's some pics:

my babies
Scott wakeboarding
Me and Ruje on the boat
me and Mary frolicking in the water
Ze group (minus ruje!) in the water!
the ladies
ze boys
Me and Mary - cheeseballs
nighttime means Mark on the grill - Friday night it was chicken which was AMAZING
pups on an island sniffing around
Reuben showing off his wet little chicken legs
Miss Remy loved the shore - but ran when the water came up!
I was here
Best hosts ever!
One island had a hammock on it - Nick partook

We love ribs
who wouldn't? (sorry, non-meat eaters - I guess the answer would be you)
Happy lanory's
LOL Nick and the cheez its
Me and Austin
swimming before sunset - love how twinkly the water came out
A visit to goat island - this time it had 3 babies on it! (last time it had 3 full-grown goats)
Ze boys on the pontoon

Yes, a great trip with great friends, lots of laughs, not quite enough sleep but good times. The pups had a blast too - I was so proud of how well they did with the other dogs and in the car in their seat belts! Great weekend. We headed back on Sunday and just spent the day running a few errands, doing a bit of laundry, reading, resting and relaxing.

Q: How was your weekend? What are you up to today? I'm at home - going to work out, cook, do some work and finish getting unpacked and repacked for our next trip!

Q: Do you like ribs? We never have them but I forgot how good they are - yum!

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