Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pepperoni Pizza Cups, Book Review, Our Soldiers

Thank you for your sweet comments on our Memorial Day weekend lake trip! We had so much fun, and I am just so grateful we were able to bring our puppers! I love that Ruje and Mark welcome the fur babies!

So for yesterday, the actual day, we took it easy at the house with the family. I did what I usually do on this day, read about all of the lives lost so that we can live our lives. I know a lot of people want to do it, choose to fight for us, and wouldn't do anything different, but the lives lost and family stories just make me so sad. I read a lot about Team Red White and Blue, and watched features on people like this man, Mark Holbert, who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan. Such an inspiration, and to race with his buddies despite his disability - I just really couldn't learn enough about his story.

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After reading stories and sharing with Austin, I finally pulled myself away from the computer and made a bunch of new recipes, did a couple of loads of laundry and a bit of work. I also finished Jennifer Weiner's Fly Away Home. The story was about a woman and her three daughters, and told from each of their perspectives. Basically, they had grown estranged, and the story unfolds to show how each of them are suffering separately for different reasons, when an event brings them all together and helps you learn why they are who they are. It also shows them becoming better people, better family members and happier overall. I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see the family dynamics and how they can shape you, but also sad to see how long people will go on unhappy just to avoid dealing with their reality. I'm not saying their reality would be easy to fix or anything, but it was mildly depressing reading about these strong, educated women who were so unhappy. This, to me, made the characters a bit unlikable. I don't know - I will say that I flew through it and found it interesting from a character study point of view. I give it a 4/5 - it would have been a 5 if it had been a bit less predictable and if the characters had been a bit more likeable. Still a good read though!

And to share a yummy recipe we've been munching on lately thanks to For the Love of Cooking!

Pepperoni Pizza Cups
Recipe adapted from For the Love of Cooking
Makes 12 appetizers or snacks

Nutritional Information (per cup): 140 calories, 15 carbs, 7 fat grams and 5 protein grams.

Perfection in a cup! I love the biscuit bites and know these will become a standard, fabulous little snack! Next time I will try this with reduced fat biscuits - they didn't have them at the grocery store but I went for it anyway. They were also SO easy - it took me about 5 minutes to assemble - the same time it took the oven to preheat. Can't wait to make these again. Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

Q: What's your favorite 'warm snack'? I don't know why, but regardless of the warmer weather I'm craving filling, warmer snacks. Weird i'm sure. LOL Anyway, your ideas will be helpful!! :)

Q: What do you prefer: biscuits or croissants? This is my first time cooking with biscuits - i'll definitely make some more biscuit recipes, but as of today I prefer croissants!

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