Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stairmill, 2-Miler, Klondike Bar?

Austin sent me this the other day and I just died laughing! Tis the season for frozen treats, and lately we've been LOVING some Klondike 'slim-a-bears.' Not the 'ice cream sandwichy' ones, but the 100-calorie ones that actually bare a striking resemblance to the real thing, but they only have 100 calories, 6 fat grams, 11 carbs and 1 protein gram. Not awesome and whole or anything, but better than having a regular Klondike bar (250 calories, 14 fat grams, 29 carbs and 3 protein grams). The only bad thing about the 100-calorie bars is the name, 'Slim-a-bear.' It's so lame, and hard to sell a guy on a slim-a-bear you know? One more bad thing - the song. Total earworm. I mean really - "What would you do-oo-oo for a Klondike bar?!" K - moving on! (and apologizing in case I got this dreadful tagline in your head).

Tuesday I woke up WAY late for spin - but decided to hit the gym anyway! I got to the gym around 6:45 and walked a 1/2-mile, then ran 2 miles straight at 6.3 mph. Yessss. This is getting SO much easier. Yet again, I felt like I could go on for at least another 1/2 or mile but no, I'm being safe on these feet! So I hopped off and got straight on the machine of death and did 10 minutes straight on the stair climber. That thing is evil. For reals. I find it gross but strangely satisfying when my sweat is pouring onto the machine. Sorry, disgusting, but accurate! :) HRM said: 36 minutes, 305 calories; 4 fat-burning minutes and 32 fitness minutes; 157 HR and max HR of 182. Afterwards I just showered and headed into work, had a working lunch, then headed home to my family! I do have a fun picture Austin took to share - our first tomato!

Q: Do you have a home garden? What's your favorite thing to grow? Mine is basil - I swear it saves us SO much money!

Q: Stairmill: yay or nay? I used to use it a lot, but when I started counting miles I stopped. But now that i'm mixing it up I think i'm going to take advantage of this guy in the morning (when the gym is empty). I burned MAD calories this a.m. in just 10 minutes on it (like 80). Note, this was following a 2-mile run so my HR was already up but STILL pretty sweet if you ask me.

Q: Have you had the slim-a-bears? If so, are you a fan? I love them - again, great for the summertime. Nice treat without going overboard.

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