Monday, June 27, 2011

Biscuit Souffle, A.M. Workout, Wedding Fun

Thanks for your comments on my little color-changing pups. It just really cracks me up how much they've both changed, but of course regardless of their color I still think they're the cutest things ever! So how's your Monday going? I started my day at the gym: 1/4 mile, 1-mile run, 11 minutes on the stairclimber and abs - quick, 25 minute workout before showering and heading into work where I had this new yummy breakfast...

Biscuit Soufflé Breakfast
Recipe inspired by Cooking with My Kid
Makes 6 Servings

Nutritional Information: 328 calories, 30 carbs, 14 fat grams and 17 protein grams.

Good stuff! I love how the biscuits bake into the egg/sausage/cheese mixture - it really tasted great, was very filling and was probably one of the easiest recipes to put together!! Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

And last but not least, here are some pics from this weekend - GREAT time at Paul & Cara's wedding, and of course staying over at Mary and Jimmy's with Teresa & Forrest (and getting to see Mary & Jimmy's little Emma!). We also loved catching up with lots of college buddies, and of course had fun with The Blancos and The Bushs.

me and Austin
Andy, Forrest & Austin
Mon, me and T
I wish you could see it... but basically Paul (the groom) had his wedding party in suspenders. Awesome. And Paul, Jimmy and Peter (brothers) all Greek dance - so the three of them did this awesome dance - it was seriously the cutest thing ever.
Andy, Austin, Jimmy and Forrest
The girls!
Two of our favorite couples - The Blancos & The Cardens
Us with the beautiful little bride, Cara!
More girl shots - I was picture happy of course

After the wedding we headed next door to Rare Martini - good times for sure!
Yeah - we had a hard time getting it together
Gee I wonder why! haha
Still trying to take a good one!
This was the 6th shot of Austin and Jimmy - the first 5 were completely unusable. LOL
LOVE this shot of Jimmy and T, frequent dance partners

Q: Do you like breakfast casseroles? What are your favorite ingredients in them? My favorite lately has been hashbrowns, ham and tons of veggies - but this biscuit one was fun - my first time using biscuits in a casserole!

Q: Are you having a good Monday? I have a ton to do and hope to work out again during lunch and cook tonight - we'll see!

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